Patch Notes: 0.6+68 Thalius

0.6+68 Thalius

This patch introduces our first Villain. "Villains " are overarching plots that give an overall story to the campaign. Also, there's a total rework of our weapons, with over 200 new weapon drawings! And a ton of other improvements as well!

  • New Villain: Age of Ulstryx
    • tells a complete story over the whole campaign
    • replaces the tutorial campaign, starts out with that material
    • was a ton of work but totally worth it!
  • Weapons Rework!
    • labors (crafting) interface has been redesigned into a grid of weapons
    • all craftable weapons have been redrawn
    • enchantments (and lore) have been removed
    • all craftable weapons have 4 elemental variants that can be unlocked
    • each elemental variant has an on-stunt ability
    • unlocking an elemental variant unlocks it for all tiers
    • elemental unlocks go into your legacy at the end of a game
    • upgrading to a similar weapon gives a resource discount
    • costs have been rebalanced
    • the high tier elemental weapons look really cool, you guys
    • also most weapons have cool random names now
  • Spirit Encounters
    • spirits sometimes appear
    • catch them to unlock elemental weapons!
  • Gorgon Abilities Rework:
    • Rager can now attack after moving twice, can run through scenery
    • Raccoon shreds armor, calamity adds splash damage
    • Bogmoor's ranged attack pulls players to it and spreads corruption
    • Gheist has a free shredding attack
    • Staggron summons Roe once, speed aura
    • True Gorgon pin attack now a free action
    • Bartoth attacks twice with knockback
    • Usric has an AOE attack that shreds
    • Corrupted ground slows down movement
    • When killed by a Gorgon, a special mortal choice event occurs (it's not good)
  • Art: Heroes skin and hair is now shaded instead of flat
  • Reworked Story: The Last Resort
  • Reworked Story: Hearthwood into Havenbeams
  • Disabled To Humble Ends temporarily while we rework it
  • Updated Story: The Blinking Game
  • Updated Story: Pyrelight
  • Updated Story: Serious Trouble
  • Updated Story: A Song for the Someday Gone
  • Updated Story: Beneath the Surface
  • Updated Story: Dark Curiosity
  • Updated Story: The Sickness
  • Updated Story: Longing to Belong
  • Updated Story: Slave for Love
  • Updated Story: In Softer Light
  • Updated Story: Bidding the Ghost Goodbye
  • Updated Story: Library of Light
  • Replace Rival ability "elbowroom" with "watch this" (competitive stunting)
  • Slow down relationship gain
  • New comics for when you escape a fight
  • New SFX: alarm, gearGet, gearPlace, flank, shred, stunt, upgrade
  • Tweaked auto-saving to work with villains
  • Added a continue button to game over screen (reloads last save)
  • Moved Calcify passive to Earthscribe Mystic ability
  • Added a menu button during the interval (when not viewing tidings etc..)
  • fixed a bug where some comic panels would show a wrong personality variation
  • Now possible to get non-child recruits during intervals if you have too few heroes
  • fixed a bug where ambush and rogue did not interact as expected
  • Show personality and future class of recruits in New Story dialog
  • Discus breaks down source scenery faster
  • Tools: changed where MapConfig should live (now lives in Campaign Plot)


Windows Release 1 GB
Version 0.6+68 Thalius Aug 30, 2019
Linux Release 1 GB
Version 0.6+68 Thalius Aug 30, 2019
Mac Release 1 GB
Version 0.6+68 Thalius Aug 30, 2019

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Wow, that looks like a tremendous amount of work.

I am guessing I'd be better off starting a new Legacy to make sure I get to see all the new things?

It's no use, it works fine with the old Legacy

right, your old legacy is fine. (your old weapons will be converted to new ones one you recruit that character.)