0.5+62 Garnoc Ambertoe Hotfix

0.5+63 Garnoc Ambertoe

  • Fix a crash when saving and loading the same game several times 

    • (save games were progressively bloated each time they were loaded)
    • Your saves will be un-bloated on load, and should now be playable!
  • Fix a rare bug where invisible doors could make a mission unwinnable.
    • Your save should now be playable!
  • Can now save the game during intervals
  • Added top two personality stats to the character sheet
  • Reduced the bonus to scouting speed from helpers (making lone scouts more effective)
  • Touched up and updated several stories
  • Gorgon Corrupted Ground now impedes movement
  • Mystic: remove calcify, replace with Discus
  • Mystic: remove verdant, replace with Wild Grasp
  • Mystic: arches now requires clear space (no directly adjacent walls/scenery)
  • Mystic: renamed Natural Ally to Earthscribe
  • Mystic: moved Bonewall to Earthscribe, and Treecall to Naturalist
  • Updated corruption tile effect
  • Updated mission objective banner on defense missions


Windows Release 852 MB
Version 0.5+63 Garnoc Ambertoe Jul 30, 2019
Linux Release 888 MB
Version 0.5+63 Garnoc Ambertoe Jul 30, 2019
Mac Release 880 MB
Version 0.5+63 Garnoc Ambertoe Jul 30, 2019

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