Patch Notes: 0.5+59 Garnoc Ambertoe

0.5+59 Garnoc Ambertoe

  • Stunt Rework:
    • Stunt gives a flat damage bonus based on weapon tier. 
    • Increased base stunt chance to ~15% 
    • Mystic attacks and theme attacks can stunt.  
    • Stunt chance decreases for attacks with multiple targets. 
    • Swords now give block and accuracy instead of doubling stunt chance 
    • Improved Stunt VFX. 
    • Attack preview does not show damage from stunt.
  • Wield now only affects dodge, faster is always better
  • Added a quit to desktop menu item
  • Can now customize heroes in the Legacy Browser
  • Story Updated: Sweltering Stars
  • Defense missions now end if you defeat all foes.
  • Defense missions show a banner to explain the objective
  • On easy difficulty, enemies no-longer Alert
  • Remove fewer calamities in the interval  first mission will have 2 enemies instead of 1, except on easy (non-tutorial)
  • Added a particle splash for Gorgon Corruption
  • Improved how knockback extra damage is communicated
  • Fixed some bugs (and weirdness) with Alarm
  • Better feedback when selecting scenery to interfuse
  • fixed a bug where a retreating mystic would leave scenery interfused
  • Splintersalvo targeting makes more sense now
  • Splinterblast no-longer shreds on miss :-(
  • Add/update some particle effects
  • Added SFX for flank, shred, and switch weapon
  • Increased range on shackle
  • Adjusted several interfusion abilities to not go through walls
  • fixed various ability bugs (dweaver, bonelance, bearArmSwipe...)
  • Inspiration now affects adjacent allies, no longer based on Charisma.
  • Removed conditions for building stations, all biome-stations can now be built.
  • Fixed a bug where extra towns could appear on the Overland map.
  • Overland threats now show how strong they are
  • Incursions now only start on tiles with threats (not any infested tile)
  • Added time indicators for next Calamity and next Incursion
  • Added SFX for helaing finished, job complete, threat revealed
  • Added some more features to overland tiles (ruins etc)
  • On tiles with ruins features, ruins will show up in missions
  • fixed a bug where you could get same hook quest multiple times if you didn't activate it
  • Can no-longer cancel hook quests
  • Recruits and Children now have better gear depending on the chapter.
  • Restricted some mission victories to only fire at newly liberated sites
  • Added icons to show cover during attack preview
  • Fix bug where Family Business could target a child of a hero.
  • Music and SFX volume down when the game loses focus.
  • (Some) walls in missions now have nice caps instead of being cut off.
  • Large number of tool improvements (map editor, plots, villains)
  • tooltips are hidden during animations and enemy turns
  • Background work:
    • Villain infrastructure and implementation
    • Lots of weapon art
    • Lots more writing (villains)


Windows Release 933 MB
Version 0.4+59 Garnoc Ambertoe Jul 22, 2019
Linux Release 969 MB
Version 0.4+59 Garnoc Ambertoe Jul 22, 2019
Mac Release 961 MB
Version 0.4+59 Garnoc Ambertoe Jul 22, 2019

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