Patch Notes: 0.4+55 Ayla Mormont

0.4 +53 Ayla Mormont

  • New Story: Ghost in the Machine
  • New Story: For a Friend (Thorny hook quest)
  • New Story: Satisfaction
  • New Story: Well Oiled Machine
  • New Story: Send Off
  • New Story: Glorp
  • New Story: O But in my Day
  • Reworked Story: Golden Egg
  • Updated Story: Troygan
  • Updated Story: When we fight
  • New female hairstlye (Sponsor Reward!)
  • Campaign Rebalance:  
    • Monster tracks no longer scale to many monster per card, for most monsters  
    • Instead, every chapter, each fight gets one more card in it.  
    • Ambushes now only happen for groups of 3 or fewer heroes.  
    • Rebalanced ambush rate per difficulty level  
    • Added a Patrol job for groups of 3 or more heroes to clear infestation  
    • Increased number of calamities from missions, based on difficulty level  
    • Adjusted number of cards and timing of time-based calamities, per difficulty  
    • Recruit LP cost now scales with company size  
    • During the interval, randomly remove cards from all groups, not just main.  
    • No-longer gain gear or LP from ambush missions.
  • AI improvements:
    • Monsters can now open/break down doors!  
    • Monsters can now damage scenery in order to reach heroes.
    • Monsters will try not to walk through dangerous regions on higher difficulties.
    • Monsters will use an Alarm ability if they start their turn within sight of a hero.
    • Monsters should no-longer spawn alone in a room, should be in bigger groups.
  • Fixed combat modifiers on defense missions
  • Heroes can acquire Pets which show up in battle, retain injuries, die.

  • Some player-controlled NPCs will fall back instead of dying.
  • Reduced Dweaver health a bit  
  • Rebalanced some item resource costs
  • Added more variation to build station and secure site jobs.
  • Deepist Woken Cultcall ability is now a calamity instead of base ability
  • Aid ability is now just 2+level instead of potency-based.
  • Guard and Sentinel now take advantage of transformation attacks if no weapon.
  • Shape of Things to Come a bit easier and not happen in chapter 1
  • Fixed a bug where 'pinned' status would increase defense instead of decrease.
  • Switched Bonelance, Cone of Fire to pick a direction instead of destination tile.
  • Fixed a bug where hook quest volunteers would teleport to missions
  • Fixed a bug where a channeling monster wouldn't die.
  • Smarter promotion choices (should no-longer offer Deftness to heroes who can't hold weapons)
  • Fixed some issues with tidings firing for dead heroes
  • Fixed an infinite vigilance bug
  • Fixed some hook quests that could show up more than once
  • Can now export a (printable) hero card from the character sheet
  • Tools are now mod aware, possible to use tools to edit mods.
  • Tool groundwork for modular villains, plots
  • Site Lab now acts as a simple Map Editor


Windows Release 933 MB
Version 0.4+55 Ayla Mormont Jun 12, 2019
Linux Release 969 MB
Version 0.4+55 Ayla Mormont Jun 12, 2019
Mac Release 961 MB
Version 0.4+55 Ayla Mormont Jun 12, 2019

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