Dreamhack Roundup

We had a great time at Dreamhack Dallas! 

My favorite thing about the show was the chance to meet a bunch of passionate indie devs. We're all in this to make the games we want to play, and there's something really infectious about that passion.

Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark

on steam

It's always great to meet another husband-wife team, especially one that's so friendly, open, and passionate. The game is a love-letter to Final Fantasy Tactics, so while you're waiting for Wildermyth, definitely check it out!

Here's a picture I took with the devs :-P

Popup Dungeon

on steam

Another papercraft tactical RPG, this one with an emphasis on user-generated content. Awesome!

I'm thinking, maybe we'll make a character exporter for Popup Dungeon? We won't do the full square ones, but the cutouts will totally work.


on steam

If you take procedural storytelling core of Wildermyth, and boil away everything that gets in the way, you end up with Alluris. Alluris is a pure and simple choice-driven procedural RPG, and it's gorgeous. Another family-powered team!

Summoner's Fate


I want this on my phone. A mobile-first turn based tactics game with a fun premise and a lovely art style. These guys are doing a lot of things right as far as I can tell, and were super friendly and open.


on facebook

This looks really cool. A throwback 2D in 3D JRPG, and you can tell instantly it's a passion project. It's still relatively early in development but there's a lot of love here.

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