Patch Notes: 0.4+51 Wilin Thrangild

0.4 +50 Wilin Thrangild

  • New Combat Music!
  • New Story: A Squeak in the Night
  • New Story: Worlds Apart
  • New Story: The Maker
  • New Story: The Shape of Things to Come
  • New Story: Needed Elsewhere
  • New Story: Scatter, Stand, or Still
  • New Story: Jigsaw
  • New Story: Glittering Pool (from book of stars)
  • New Story: Dinner Plans
  • New Story: Dreams of Icarus
  • New Story: Into the Woods
  • Reworked Story: Pyrelight
  • Reworked Choice: Longing to Belong
  • Updated Story: Dark Curiosity
  • Removed a few older stories that were not working well.
  • fixed a bug where legacy hero promition was not capped, leading to crashes:
  • Legacy heroes are now capped at Mythwalker (tier 4). You saves should be fine.
  • Defeat and Escape banners now show
  • Better teaching of escape zones - and camera now pans to them
  • fix a bug where chosen friends could become lovers or rivals
  • fix a bug where thorn lash would do damage to self
  • adjust enemy interfusion to be more clear
  • changing keybindings now takes effect immediately
  • fix a bug where poison was applied incorrectly on miss
  • fix drathix dragon breath
  • fix several bugs with the archery skill
  • fix a bug where resizing during a story would cause the comics music never end
  • fix a bug where a monster could end up on top of an invisible hero
  • fix a bug in comic markup where certain splits were giving wrong results
  • fix a bug where music could double up sometimes
  • fix some bugs with flashcone
  • fix a bug where a hero would retire and then another tiding would show
  • fix a bug where remote bridges and passes were not buildable
  • "strategies" events now have increased chances of success across the board
  • fix bugs with In Softer Light
  • "prepare defense" action now only show heroes who are local
  • fix a bug where the eye patch would overlap a head replacement (e.g. crow)
  • fix Minotaur's Pride grip point
  • fix issue where hunters could attack monsters beyond closed doors on some maps
  • scalding rain and infernal rain now can't go over walls
  • fix a bug where some monsters could start with zero hp
  • use Name in Song instead of Decisions for regular campaigns
  • update Elementalist description
  • fix issue where hero could be offered the same ability twice
  • fix issue where Nightmare Pin was not cleaned up on death
  • Grimly glowing now shows a gear dialog for the hero who grabbed the spellshard
  • fix a bug where heroes who are not present on a mission get a promotion
  • ambush attack now correctly cancels grayplane.
  • ambush can target a square with an ally on it.
  • burning arrow now respects the archer's bonus range and bowmaster ability
  • drags can no-longer turn back into clicks if you drag back to the same spot
  • damage to scenery should now animate correctly
  • forgetting a legacy hero now works better
  • fixed a bug where hero health could go negative in some stories.
  • fixed a bug where you could give offhand items to heroes who could not use them
  • fix color of text in story outcomes to show good/bad
  • reduce frequency of shaved head on female humans.
  • Fixed a bug where hero tomb jobs could appear in unscouted areas.
  • Added dice icon to some events to indicate random outcomes.
  • Numerous tool improvements to make it easier to add more stories.
  • Pull monster definitions out of mod folders, because:
  • monster definitions are now mod-aware (mods are used to implement difficulty levels)


Windows Release 853 MB
Version 0.4+51 Wilin Thrangild May 14, 2019
Linux Release 889 MB
Version 0.4+51 Wilin Thrangild May 14, 2019
Mac Release 881 MB
Version 0.4+51 Wilin Thrangild May 14, 2019

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