Patch Notes: 0.4+46 Aumona Shuremill

0.4 +46 Aumona Shuremill

  • New Story: Drauven Bird
  • New Story: Former Colleagues
  • New Story: The Inhabitant
  • Added "turns remaining" info for certain buffs/debuffs
  • Fixed a crash bug from a player report
  • Fixed a soft-lock during Interval:Tidings
  • Fixed a bug where sentinel could attack through walls in some situations
  • Town recruit jobs pre-select a hero of the right class if available
  • Fixed Gheist Swipes (now correctly hits 2 adjacent heroes!)
  • Fixed Drathix Dragonbreath
  • removed ** from job prompts
  • Fixed Crush (monster ability to destroy scenery)
  • Fixed Paladin
  • Fixed a bug where old heroes could stop healing at all, made healing more clear
  • Fixed a bug where calamities were showing wrong number of monster per card
  • PopUps should no-longer stack up on top of eachother as much
  • Fix several typos (thanks guys!)
  • Combat Modifier tech rework, add a couple more modifiers
  • Debuffs no-longer show up when you make a kill
  • Added relationship icons to mission portrait cards
  • Major changes to Comic Editor and underlying data structure
  • Additional Comic Editor features


Windows Release 853 MB
Version 0.4+46 Aumona Shuremill Apr 24, 2019
Linux Release 889 MB
Version 0.4+46 Aumona Shuremill Apr 24, 2019
Mac Release 881 MB
Version 0.4+46 Aumona Shuremill Apr 24, 2019

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