Mac and Linux Support! v0.4 +44 Eef Dram

We're super happy to announce support for Mac an Linux! Going forward, windows, mac and linux builds will be released together every patch.

Also, some other cool stuff. Here are the patch notes:

0.4 +44 Eef Dram

  • Mac and Linux Support!!
  • New Story: Strider
  • New Story: Sneak Thief
  • New Story: Tent Side
  • New Story: Field of Statuary
  • email input can accept numbers now
  • Added icons to health bars to show relationships, including which buffs are active
  • Changed ethererburn and gorgon ranged attack to magic damage
  • Fix Unstilled Heart fight
  • Fix/tweak/revise a number of stories
  • Fixed bugs with relationship changes
  • Fixed some attack animation bugs
  • Fixed bug with moving onto/near hidden enemies
  • Fixed bug where enemies would sometimes not attack if there was a hidden hunter nearby
  • Fixed bug where wrong abilities were showing up in Legacy Recruit
  • Fixed cases where some abilities would announce "0 damage"
  • Thrixl interfusion gets its own color so it's not as confusing
  • Improved feedback for warding and temp HP
  • Blocked damage indicator is now more correct
  • Added particles to flanking attacks
  • Added sfx and vfx when scenery is damaged/destroyed
  • Improved Calamity screen performance
  • Added a "took cover" notification when cover causes an attack to miss.
  • Fixed several bugs with multi-tile enemies
  • Cleaned up where abilities show up in the character sheet to make more sense
  • Updating underlying libgdx version to 1.9.9
  • Updated FMOD to 1.10.12
  • Greatly improved tools and cheats for testing stories
  • Foundational work for improved story editing tools


Windows Release 1 GB
Version 0.4+44 Eef Dram Apr 15, 2019
Linux Release 1 GB
Version 0.4+44 Eef Dram Apr 15, 2019
Mac Release 1 GB
Version 0.4+44 Eef Dram Apr 15, 2019

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I went to check for updates but I couldn't get this one

That's confusing, we certainly didn't intend to revoke anyone's access, if you've purchased the game you should be able to download any of the builds as far as I know, what are you trying?