Patch Notes: 0.3+34 Bronken Stuart

0.3 +33 Bronken Stuart

  • Five chapter campaigns now give two legacy promotions
    • check the load dialog for previously completed 5 chapter campaigns, if there's an alert, you should be able to go back to them and promote.
  • Added a My Account tab to the options menu
  • Added an Import Legacy button that allows you to import specific heroes from another legacy  
    • find the legacy.json file from your old install/player
  • Sentinel now pins enemies but does not end their turns (they should attack you back now)
  • Guardian has a limit of 1 attack per foe (with vigilance)
  • Calamities should advance more fairly
  • you won't get top tier monsters as your 5th card anymore.
  • Fix a bug where gear upgrade tooltip didn't show fractional stat values correctly
  • Fixed Snakestrike and Riposte
  • Fix Backslam (multiple issues)
  • Fixed a bug where retired heroes could still be in parties, breaking the game
  • Fix a bug where weldlings would use fire wall on allies
  • Fix a rare soft-crash on crowded combat maps
  • Fixed various cases where debug text was showing
  • Fixed bugs with knockback
  • Clarified some ability descriptions
  • Walling feedback no longer shows while walking away from an ally
  • Fixed a couple issues with scouting and overland pathing
  • Temporary team members won't show up in victory comics anymore :(
  • Tweak a number of stories
  • Wolf Price partial rewrite
  • Added a number of Tidings and History Lines
  • Hovering over an enemy portrait (or while holding shift) now shows a nicer move range
  • Fix/tweak several tidings and retirements
  • Bloodrage now shows its extra damage
  • Improved robustness of legacy loading to support some older legacies.
  • Names no longer sometimes have trailing spaces
  • Improved thrixl AI to prioritize interfusing with Chrysalis.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the AI to not move sometimes.
  • Butler guard region now cleans up correctly on death
  • Hook Quest sites don't give show resources (since they are temporary sites)
  • Numerous storytelling tweaks and improvements
  • Can now use apostrophes in Company Name


Windows Release 1 GB
Version 0.3+34 Bronken Stuart Mar 28, 2019

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A truly remarkable game! Recommending it to all of my gaming acquaintances, and looking forward to seeing how things develop.