Patch Notes: 0.3+28 Maykin Storm

0.3 +28 Maykin Storm

  • Added some more stories!
  • Added some tidings
  • Fix a crash where Turkish players could not start a game.
  • Fixed a soft-lock caused by sweltering stars
  • Fixed a soft-lock caused by compulsion + guardian
  • Fixed an issue where some jobs could not happen simultaneously
  • Can no-longer use legacy heroes at start of game
  • Added history lines to various story outcomes
  • Fixed some bugs with relationship changes and announcements
  • Better log reporting
  • Fixed an exploit where raider could start fires on doors, enabling mystics to fireleash into the next room
  • Fixed a bug with Reflective Carapace
  • Fixed a bug where a legacy hero could not be recruited if you had recruited them in an alternate timeline of the same game
  • Remove death by old age
  • Added more How to Play screens for the overland map
  • Troygan does not stick around after upgrading the hero (there are other ways to get replacement limbs in the game now)
  • Fix a bug where portrait cards would break when there were 3 columns or more


Windows Release 1 GB
Version 0.3+28 Maykin Storm Mar 14, 2019

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I already have the game but how do I update it?

The best way is to install the itch app, because it does that automatically, and also only updates what changed, so you don't need to download the whole thing again. But if you don't want that, you can also just download the file again from the game page, you just need to be logged in to your itch account.

Found a bug:

At the end of chapter 3 I had given a hero group the task to attack a camp. While they were on their way, I successfully completed the final fight for chapter 3. Following to chapter 4, some of the heroes of the attack group have retired. 
In chapter 4 one of the heroes was on his way to attack the camp, despite his retirement. I can't abort the command and when it comes to attack the game breaks down while generating the playing field.

yikes! Can you press F11 and check the boxes to send me your save file and logs? I'll make sure we get a fix in to our next patch. Thanks for the report!

I have a question about the Legacy Heroes. How is the age determined when I recruit them in an ongoing campaign?

They will generally be reset to be some years away from retirement, depending on how old they were before and far into your playthrough you are. Lemme know if it feels bad when you're playing.

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Completely honest: Totally random. The age does reset even between chapters. For example i could hire one of my legacy chars in chapter 1 with age 21 and in chapter 2 it went up to 40. That is also the point where i think it is not worth anymore to hire them if i get them for only twü chapters.

Ok that makes sense. We should change it. Thanks for the feedback!