Patch Notes: 0.3+24 Muse Grey

Bunch of bug fixes, and responding to feedback!

0.3 +24 Muse Grey

  • Attempt to fix three crashes based on player logs (thank you!!)
  • Improved Feedback tool can now optionally send all logs, save game, legacy file.
  • Integrated new stories (and transformations)
  • Changed the UI font to Alegreya Sans, increased size, many small ui layout tweaks
  • F12 now takes a screenshot, saves to disk and copies to clipboard
  • Combat text will announce when ignoring armor, dealing double damage
  • Removed ability to select enemies and scenery and view their character sheet
  • Maimed heroes now look different on the map
  • Added notifications for when heroes fall in love or start rivalries
  • Chapter kickoff panel more clear
  • Clicking an ability button again now deselects it
  • Fixed an issue where Forest Guardian was totally ineffective
  • Improve item comparison screen with stat change tooltips
  • Can now view the folder where your save game is located
  • Tweaked and improved tutorial, added some more How to Play content
  • Fixed missing augment images
  • Lots of small story tweaks


Windows Release 1 GB
Version 0.3+24 Muse Grey Mar 07, 2019

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Well, I came across a bug. When I try to rename a character in the legacy and press the backspace key the game crashes. I was been able to reproduce it with 100% accuracy

Ah, we are tracking that one. I believe we will be turning off customization from that screen temporarily - you can still customize once you recruit them, and should stick if you promote them with the new name. We'll turn it back on when we have a chance to do a proper fix. Thanks for the report!

I've just beat the game. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't too difficult either which is what I definitely enjoyed. The 5 chapter campaign is a lot of fun and the glitches are minor.

I do have one big concern and that is there is no real build up at the 5th chapter! We get a final preperation quest of course but besides that the 'boss' really didn't feel like one. Could probably do with a cutscene or something for it.

Also all the quests are the same, go to a place and then combat. Hopefully in the future there will be more variety but besides those two things this game is really good and I'm excited to see what comes in the future.

Thanks! Yeah, you are right about the bosses, they went in pretty late and we need to do a pass on them to make them more special. Also yeah, more variety in side-quests is something we want. It's a bit of tools work, basically the quest line needs to keep working even if one of the heroes dies, or is on the other side of the map, all that sort of thing. Lots of details to work out but we can do it. Thanks for playing!

It's working much better since this patch. Haven't crashed once so far!