Wildermyth: Armors and Skins is Available NOW!!!


Armors and Skins unlocks four new armor types per class (with two tiers each) and four new Humble Ginnings per class, for a total of 36 new outfits—this triples the number of armors in the game! Each armor also brings its own new set of stats and mechanics, allowing you to explore new builds for your heroes. Try an armored battle-mage, an assassin hunter, or a gladiator warrior with lots of movement.

The DLC also adds 42 new transformation skins, allowing for further customization of your transformed heroes. Multiple Wolftouched hunters in your party? Now you can tell them apart! Your Crystalline warrior can be rough or refined to match her fighting style. Or maybe your Crowtouched mystic has always had a bit of a "saurian" streak. 

1.13 Niyati Update

Additionally, we have general updates in our 1.13 patch! We've rewritten an old event, now named "The Captive's Choice", as well as added 28 new generic augments and made some UI edits so Hero customization is now all on one page. Plus some good ole' bug fixes.

The Future

You didn't think that was all we've been working on, did you? We have another DLC in the works coming later this year! We're not ready to say too much yet, but you can keep an eye on our Discord and socials for teasers and sneak peeks.

Additionally, Russian translation has completed the Localization QA phase, and the Russian translation team is making edits based on those results. French translation has just entered the Localization QA phase.

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1.13+476 Niyati

Rewritten Event: The Captive's Choice (from: Birds of a Feather)

Hero customization is now all on one page

28 new generic augment images (4 new brooches, rings, necklaces, talismans, kneepads, bracelets, and scarves)

Fix a bug where Deeven "Sneer" passive didn't work

Fix a bug where some AOE enemy attacks didn't respect engage (Scorier burrow, Deeven interfusion attacks)

Fix a bug with tail abilities showing up before melee attacks

Fix some gear visual stacking not looking correct

Fix a bug where Cone of Fire and Thorn Lash were being used with Guardian in cases where they shouldn't be

Fix a bug where crafted items would show backend text in some languages


Windows Release 1 GB
Version 1.13+476 Niyati May 04, 2023
Linux Release 1 GB
Version 1.13+476 Niyati May 04, 2023
Mac Release 1 GB
Version 1.13+476 Niyati May 04, 2023

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Any idea when the commissioned hairs might get added?

Did you commission a hairstyle? please email us directly we were not aware there were any hairstyles we hadn't yet completed. support@worldwalkergames.com