Patch Notes: 1.11+460 Firlow

1.11 Firlow

Our German and Spanish Translations are live!
+New Comics, Hairs, Augments, and Gorgon Changes

Happy Holidays, Adventurers!!

We have a lot of exciting new things for the holiday season for you all. First up:

Our German and Spanish (LATAM) Translations are live!

Our translators have been busy, and the German and Spanish translations are finally ready! Thanks to our fantastic German translators: Nadja Sommerfeld, Christina Brombach, Alexander Engelhardt, and Manuel Krainer, and our incredible Spanish translators: Matías E. Desalvo, Guido Bindi, Laura R. Cariola, Luis Mormolini and Carolina Panero.

(As with the last patch, Russian and French are getting close, but aren't at the quality assurance step yet.)

Gorgon Changes

Ah, Gorgons: everyone's favorite introductory enemy. We've decided to revisit them and make some changes to their abilities, mostly focusing on how corruption functions. We're hoping that these changes make combat with Gorgons more dynamic and interesting.

All Gorgons now leave paths of corruption when they are damaged, and they also leave corruption on tiles when they die. Corruption deals 1 magic damage when moving into a corrupted tile, so we've made the tile feedback more visible. Check out the patch notes for the other changes that we made!

New Stuff

Freshen up your heroes for the holidays with six new hairstyles and twenty new augments! We've also added two new events, four new tidings, and New maps for Grove and Earthworks sites.

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1.11+460 Firlow

Added official support for German and Latin American Spanish!
New Events:
* Moss
* Rings of Story (generic campaign start event)
4 New Tidings!
Gorgon Changes:
* Gorgons now have corrupt path when damaged
* Gorgons now leave behind corruption when they die
* Corruption now deals 1 magic damage when moving onto it
* Corruption no longer grants enemies temporary health
* Corruption stays on the map for two hero turns
* Corruption tile feedback is more visible
* Removed corruptionTouch calamities for gorgons
* Seacaller now appears earlier with reduced health and tentacles
* Gheist Maul no longer deals damage, only shred
* Bogmoor has a calamity that increases Noxious Tongue range
* Bogmoor "Bloated" passive: explodes into corruption on death
* Bartoth Thundering Blood Explosive enemies explode when killed dealing
    full damage to heroes and half to allies
* New Noxious Tongue sfx and vfx
6 New Hairstyles!
20 New Augments!
Added tooltips for tile effects like fire, corruption, acid, etc.
Slight increase to hide & fabric costs on armors
Removed a few useless calamities like damage bonus to Kinnestend
Adjusted many abilities so audio plays at the target tile
Drathix and Terrorbird special abilities deal damage when they
    receive a damage calamity
New maps for Grove and Earthworks sites
Adjusted How to Play page for retreating
Adjusted Ulstryx Hurl Beast ability animation
Fix a bug where Sharpshooter didn't work with Ambush or Burning Arrow
Fix a bug where Lover's Vengeance affected Shieldshear & Shadowchase
Fix a bug where hero would gain a tail too soon in the Merchant
Fix a bug with Child of Night history lines showing wrong hero
Fix a bug where 3 newest pets don't count toward achievements
Disabled retreat button in Ulstryx ch2 capstone
Fix a bug where progress toward "Thwack!" achievement didn't work for multi-tile enemies
Fix a bug where Spiritchase would deal damage if a hidden hero used it
    (It should only ever shred warding)
Fix a bug where Burning Arrow wouldn't work with theme attacks
    on multi-tile targets
Fix a bug where branching attacks wouldn't show up in the combat log
Fix a bug where Wailing Trees couldn't be destroyed (hotfix 1.10-454)
Fix a bug where some theme ability sounds weren't playing
Fix some typos
Tools: Added audioAtPosition field to Animate outcome
Tools: Added appendHistory field for creating entities
Tools: Added rigOverride|RIG aspect to override a unit's rig
Tools: rigs.json and humanAging.json files now merge
Tools: Added nameFormulaOverride|FORMULA aspect that can be used
    to override the default maleName/femaleName generation
Tools: Mods can now override images in human/unpacked by putting
    images in human/misc
Tools: Unit skeleton data can now be loaded from mods
     (e.g. spine/Bobblehead warrior.json)
Tools: History entry ids 500-599 now treated as gender/orientation


Windows Release 1 GB
Version 1.11+460 Firlow Dec 21, 2022
Linux Release 1 GB
Version 1.11+460 Firlow Dec 21, 2022
Mac Release 1 GB
Version 1.11+460 Firlow Dec 21, 2022

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