Patch Notes: 1.10+453 Suna Lo Haster

Our Portuguese Translation is Live!

After over a year of hard work, we're so pleased to announce that our Brazilian-Portuguese translation is live! (Translation by Edson Belo de Oliveira Júnior - @mundonasher)

German and Spanish are right on its heels- they're currently going through localization quality assurance. Russian and French are both getting close, but aren't quite at the quality assurance step yet.

Merch Sale!

From 11/25 until 12/09, everything in our merch store will be 20% off. Order soon to make sure everything arrives in time for the holidays! Click here to shop the sale.

More Treats

Our writers have been busy; we've added a new event, rewritten another, and added 10 new tidings. We've also added 3 new pets! You can find sneak peeks of them on our socials if you do some creeping around.

Additionally, you'll notice new VFX for some theme skins and abilities. We hope these will add some extra flavor to your heroes in combat.

In Multiplayer, everyone can now recruit from their legacies, not just the host. Now you can show off your hard earned Mythwalkers and take on Walking Lunch together. And, of course, we've squashed a lot of bugs and added some QoL Tools for us and modders.

1.10+453 Suna Lo Haster

Added official support for Brazilian Portuguese!
Steam Deck Verified!
New Event: Shadow and Sly
Rewritten Events: * Mooringlight (from: Star Dance)
Revised Events: * Finders Keepers
3 New Pets!
10 New tidings/credits comics!
Multiplayer clients can now recruit from their legacies
Melee and Range accuracy stats merged into one "Accuracy" stat
    (Upbringing stats should be properly merged for existing heroes)
Reduced critter and crow amulet accuracy buffs from 15 to 12
Credits comics can now be manually navigated, automatic time is
    longer for comics with more text, and fewer snapshots are shown
Years of peace and Credits comics now have reduced chance of
    showing ones you've seen in previous campaigns (like regular
    comics) and have better weighting
Some armors now have Silver and Gold variations (in customize tab)
New VFX for Wolf Howl, Shard Skin, and some theme skins
New ability icons
Crystal Chrysalis now explodes and deals damage on hero's next turn
Comics will vertically scroll if too big to fit on screen
Overland job start events show the actual ability name as the title
Adjusted ability bar positioning for Jumpjolt and Witherbolt
Opening the Editor on Steam sets the controller to act like a mouse
Fix a bug where using Larger comics in Chinese would crash the game
Fix a bug where Sharpshooter could cause incorrect Ambush max range
Fix a bug where Temple of Silence attack was invisible + multi-hit
Fix a bug where Chinese difficulty settings in Options > This Game
    could show up in English
Fix a bug with viewing the patch notes in the main menu
Fix a bug where hero level up dialog didn't show the upgraded stats
Fix a bug where Proud quest main and secondary heroes were swapped
Fix a bug with temp armor and warding being removed in wrong order
Fix a bug where Steam Workshop mod campaigns wouldn't load at start
Fix a bug where kill tracking would cause lag with large legacies
Fix a bug where Mythweaver ability text didn't fit on the button
Fix a bug with invisible tutorial tooltips in controller mode
Fix a bug where on kill effects wouldn't happen for hero who
    killed Ecthis zombie mentor.
Fix a bug where Shieldshear plays wrong sfx if holding a crossbow
Fix a bug where Enduring War sacrificed hero was immediately put
    into the legacy without promotion
Fix a bug where No Time for Clawmonsters achievement couldn't be
    achieved by a reaction strike
Fix a bug where Passing Shadow achievement could carry over
    between missions
Fix a bug where in The Offering, rat tail would show up too soon
Fix a bug with loading name data if some locales didn't exist
Fix a bug where jumpjaw didn't apply the correct amount of poison
Fix a bug where gorgons wouldn't spawn in Temple of Silence
Fix a bug with jobs with long names that would go off the tooltip
Fix a bug where using Burning Arrow with Ambush prepared would
    give the burning arrow +2 damage
Fix a bug where waterling history line could use wrong gender for
    waterling if the hero is attracted to anyone
Fix a (mod?) crash if a promotion ability not in a pool is shown
Fix a bug with artifact weapon hero death choice "attack" option
Fix a bug where Ambush and Vost could hit multiple times
Fix a bug where frog tongue could pull some immovable enemies
Fix a bug where bow range would read as 1-8 instead of 2-8
Fix a bug where backend comic text could show for missing aspects
Fix a bug with Enter and Escape functionality in content editor
Fix some typos
Tools: Added CustomizeHero Outcome for customization of a hero's
    head, face, hair, colors, and extra parts, or randomizing a slot
Tools: Added requireAspects field for HumanSkin Parts, for
    customizations that only show up for heroes with certain aspects
Tools: Comic editor hovered objects now show a box around them
Tools: Comic editor Clickthrough view now jumps to selected panel
Tools: Comic editor now shows effect in side panel (also added
simple view, so it's easy to adjust event weights and scores)
    (So they don't need to focus on a specific hero)
Tools: Improved Pick Events feedback for tidings and credits
Tools: Added several keyboard shortcuts for selected hero cheats:
(Bindings also viewable in Combat Lab) Ctrl+Shift+H/A/D/S/R: Add Temp Health/Actions/Bonus Damage/Speed/Refresh Abilities
Tools: In editor, with Multi-paste enabled:
* Can now append multiple entries without closing window
* Can append entries after existing entries in lists via Paste
* Copied values now show more human-readable summary
Tools: Name generation files (like human.names.json) now merge
Tools: Added abilityForbidAspects field for ability aspects
Tools: Added toDegrees and toRadians expressions
Tools: Added between(x, min, max) expression
Tools: Added if(x, pass, fail) expression
Tools: Editor particle and audio fields now show suggestions
Tools: Added better logging for Test failures
Tools: Added scoreTiesTrueRandom option to BY_SCORE targets
Tools: Can now use Animate Outcome to spawn overland particles
Tools: Ability, Theme, and Gear cheats now execute immediately


Windows Release 1 GB
Version 1.10+453 Suna Lo Haster Nov 21, 2022
Linux Release 1 GB
Version 1.10+453 Suna Lo Haster Nov 21, 2022
Mac Release 1 GB
Version 1.10+453 Suna Lo Haster Nov 21, 2022

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