Patch Notes: 1.6+399 Edina Gramling

26 New Theme Abilities, Warding Changes (+New Merch)!

We're so excited to bring you 26 new abilities in this update!! Themes and pets now all have unique upgrades that are available to choose when leveling up your hero. We released these abilities early on our unstable branch and received incredible feedback from our community, which we are very grateful for. We were able to make important adjustments, so now we hope that they're going to be even better for you all!

Additionally, Warding has had a big rework. Rather than blocking damage per-hit like armor does, Warding now acts more like Temp Health against magic attacks, and refreshes at the start of each side's turn.

We made this change mostly for the following reasons:

  • Magic enemies not being able to damage your high-warding mystic at all felt weird. Having a hero with a lot of resistance is fine, but attacks not dealing any damage at all takes some of the tension out of the gameplay. This was especially visible with things like Thrusks' Etherburn, where even near the start of a campaign, it tends to not do anything at all.
  • Not being able to damage high-warding enemies with magic attacks. Especially when facing lower-tier heroes against higher-tier monsters, sometimes magic damage might not be enough to do anything at all, which again, feels bad. This is also true of some theme abilities like Chain Lightning, where the second and third hits are weak enough that they would often feel useless. Now, they'll at least feel like they can be used to soften up the enemies a bit before another magic attack.

This change means it's much more dangerous to be hit by multiple magic attacks in a row, so one unexpected attack can bring you much closer to death than it used to be able to. (We've reduced a lot of enemy magic damage slightly to try and mitigate this)

We've also added two new events and fixed lots of bugs!

New Stickers in our Merch Store!

Baby Monster and Elemental Spirit stickers have landed in our merch store! You can get them here.

1.6+393 Edina Gramling

New Events:
* For Their Own
* Houses in the Heights
Removed Event:
* The Low Road
Disabled Event:
* What If We Were The Bad Guys
Added combat map to Out of the Rain event
Added two credits comics for Generic Campaigns
Added credits comics for Ulstryx, Enduring, and Monarchs
Disabled Mine Tiding
Warding Rework:
* Each piece of warding absorbs one damage
* Warding regenerates at the start of the unit's next turn
* Removed pierce from magic abilities
* Tuned down some monster magic damage
* Tuned up some monster warding
Theme Upgrades!
(These can appear in the upgrade slots when leveling)
* (Bear) Ursine Hunger
* (Botanical) Fatal Flora
* (Celestial) Meteor Strike
* (Crow Wings) Fly
* (Wolf) Howl
* (Elmsoul) Deep Roots
* (Fire) Living Hearth
* (Foothill) Shard Skin
* (Gem) Crystal Chrysalis
* (Morthificial) Salvage
* (Shadow) Shadestride
* (Skeleton) Curse
* (Storm) Feedback Loop
* (Sylvan) Chaos Whorl
* (Hawk Wings) Talon Dive
* (Scorpion Tail) Prehensile Piercer
* (Pilot Wings) Airlift
* (Skunk Tail) Staggering Spray
* (Frog Head) Tongue Whip
* (Fox Tail) Nimble Nature
Pet Upgrades!
* (Fire Chicken) Covering Fire
* (Rat) Erratic Movement
* (Bird) Mark Prey
* (Duck) Alarming Quack
* (Avenger) Protector
* (Critter) Trinket Hunter
Number of undos are no longer shown at the end of a game
Ability upgrades can show up in 2 of the base ability slots
Indignance now breaks greyplane
Tongue Whip no longer has a cooldown
Some hunter armor now has warding
Fire Chicken and Fire theme now grant fire immunity
Thornlash now scales like other themes and has a damage upgrade
Crippling Strikes now works with all ranged attacks
Hook quests that fail to spawn will try to spawn again sooner
Defeating incursions in battle sets incursion timer back
Sunswallower's Wake hero slots now have descriptions
Sunswallower's Wake added ch3 mission failure case
Added new scenery
Added site images for all the bones of summer
Theme legs have stats adjusted
Added new icons to some abilities
Adjusted scenery based on sites
Added How To Play screen for Armor and Warding
Fix a bug where line attacks couldn't target enemies on blazes
Fix a bug where the right bard calamity wouldn't appear
Fix a bug where terrorbird death would cause flanking
Fix a bug where a hero would attack a site alone
Fix a bug where shields and walling would reduce fire damage
Fix a bug where terrorbird death reduced accuracy
Fix a bug where achievement didn't proc in a capstone
Fix a bug where incursions burnt out and granted 2 LP
Fix a bug where if timer stopped at 25/50 it wouldn't disappear
Fix a bug where Drifter event was near imposssible to get
Fix a bug where an armless hero could proc Avenger event
Fix a bug where staggron could summon while stunned
Fix a bug where d-pad didn't wrap left on the ability bar
Fix a bug with hook_Proud and fortheScavenging
Fix a bug where item text had no character limit
Fix a bug where Sunswallower Ch.1 Capstone would soft lock
Fix a bug where heroes gained from events start at lvl 0
Fix a bug with incorrect reported damage in a mortal choice
Fix a bug with prime stats in custom history lines
Fix a bug with tags in Black Castle Ruins
Fix a bug where monarchs rescuee had no starting stats
Fix a bug where Unpaid Bills event could show dead hero
Fix a bug where pet/thrixl would targeted in mortal choice
Fix a bug where genders were swapped in wolf mortal choice
Fix a bug where 0 Warded combat text appeared
Fix a bug where hook quest spawns too many foes
Fix a bug where unprocced hook quests would prevent others
Fix some typos


Windows Release 1 GB
Version 1.6+399 Edina Gramling Mar 03, 2022
Linux Release 1 GB
Version 1.6+399 Edina Gramling Mar 03, 2022
Mac Release 1 GB
Version 1.6+399 Edina Gramling Mar 03, 2022

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