Patch Notes: 1.4+375 Joria

Artifact Weapons, New Hairs, and Fixes

Happy Holidays, Adventurers! Before we sign off for the month, we have a few things to send you off into the New Year. First, we have eight gorgeous new Artifact weapons that each have unique effects! Super excited to see them equipped on heroes.

We also have a few new hairstyles that will freshen up hero customization. Alongside new content, we have some revised events, balance changes, and good ole bug fixes.

For the holidays our team will be spending quality time with our families. The best way to submit bugs and general feedback is through F11- we'll get back to you all after the break.

See you in the new year!

1.4+375 Joria

New Artifact Weapons:
* Baleblade
* Eaglewing
* Firling Wand
* Frostfang
* Winterfur Staff
* Sojourner
* Icebreaker
* Longwatch Lamp
* Mothbite
New Hairs!
New Event: For the Scavenging
Revised Events:
* Down The Hatch
Incursion maps edited to be smaller and more focused
Water weapons now only deal 1 stunt damage for all weapon tiers
Reduced bone spear and empowered bone spear potency
Drop rates increased for bows, crossbows, staves, and wands
Skeleton now +2 Potency/Spell Damage instead of +4 Spell Damage
Increased range of skunk spray ability
Swan scepter now only grants one free interfusion per turn
Wardrobes now only spawn units if within 12 tiles of a hero
Takes slightly longer to select new abilities to prevent mistakes
Slightly reduced enemy spawns on the Ancient Wall mission
Tier 3 starseed wand now grants two warding instead of one
Adjusted stats on Lockbreaker and Minotaur axe artifacts
Fix a bug where some attack animations were cut off during stunts
Fix a bug with blank unique monster cards
Fix a bug where deleting an account with mods would crash
Fix a bug where listed witherbolt damage was inaccurate
Fix a bug with multiplayer disconnects
Fix a bug where reloading before recruit would prevent recruiting
Fix a bug where Weldlings fire wall wouldn't respect engage
Fix a bug with Paladin upgrade description
Fix a bug where stat buffs from history lines weren't correct
Fix a bug where heroic death was forbidden for three heroes
Fix a bug with the door in Ecthis chapter 4 capstone
Fix a bug where Archery with some theme attacks could hit allies
Fix a bug where tree arm bash would show incorrect damage amount
Fix a bug where tree arm would incorrectly add to the achievement
Fix a bug where Church of Dale recruit could be unreachable
Fix a bug where a farmer could be recruited in Monarchs campaign
Fix a bug with bonfire scenery backend text
Fix a bug where theme skins could cause slow hero customization
Fix some typos
Tools: Added modulo operator (%)
Tools: Added customCard field to StepM_SpawnExact
Tools: Added SEASON, YEAR, and DAY_OF_MONTH expression variables
Tools: Show position of MapDetail validation errors
Tools: Effect/Aspect fields show STUBS in suggestion tooltips
Tools: Added StepM_GetUnitsOnTiles


Windows Release 1 GB
Version 1.4+375 Joria Dec 16, 2021
Linux Release 1 GB
Version 1.4+375 Joria Dec 16, 2021
Mac Release 1 GB
Version 1.4+375 Joria Dec 16, 2021

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Dear Devs! I am really looking forward to get this game. Yet I´d like to buy it from GoG. Is there any possibility?! All the best! phila


It's in the works, it will take a bit longer because of the crossplay requirements but I think we'll get there.

Dear Sir! This is VERY good news. Looking forward to this point. Take your Time. All the best. phila