Patch Notes: 1.3+363 Dolse Ponder

New Events, Fixes, and Exciting Merch!

For this patch we've added four new events and revised two existing comics with updated visuals and narrative; they will appear in generic and villain campaigns. There's some great interaction between heroes in these, and the Heart of Stone revision will be fresh for seasoned players.

There's also some stellar new art, including a new male face option and an elemental unlock tracking screen.

Then we have a whole horde of bug fixes- our QA team has been busy! These fixes should generally smooth gameplay.

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1.3+363 Dolse Ponder

New Event: Bad Mustard
New Event: Bones and Crows and Nightly Things
New Event: Token of Affection
New Event: Flickerings
Revised Events:
* Hidden Passages
* Heart of Stone
New Tidings
New Wrapups
New Achievements dialog art
New male face option
Research Site and Secure Site events have been updated
Thorn lash is now considered a ranged attack
Added interface option to skip comic panel animations
Splintersalvo now shows on bar if one piece of wood is interfused
Import Legacy now lets you select all or none of the heroes
Added better logging for failure to login with Multiplayer
New particle effect for Usric Raze ability
Fix bug where comic text could be different for different players
Fix bug where escape zones wouldn't appear for custom maps
Fix bug where enemy mystics targeted themselves with splinterblast
Fix bug where hoof and horn event would end incorrectly
Fix bug where prepared shot wouldn't work with Sharpshooter
Fix bug where pinned reduced accuracy by 30% instead of 15%
Fix bug where family business history lines would break
Fix bug with catching spirits where scenery used to be
Fix bug where a hero could use prepared shot while stunned
Fix that "waiting for other players" could show up in singleplayer
Fix bug where AI pathfinding could get stuck on certain maps
Fix bug where dead heroes show up in escape mission events
Fix bug where a maiming would cause a hero to lose both weapons
Fix some ability text using used first person to reference a hero
Fix bug where haunt in specterstep could still be hit by flanking
Fix bug where legacy relationship lock button would go off screen
Fix bug where hook quest events would restart after finishing
Fix bug with the hitbox for the hook quest button on portraits
Fix bug where early Cvawn events wouldn't show any text
Fix bug where wiki links would lead to generic pages
Fix bug where Ecthis ch. 4 capstone had an unreachable area
Fix bug where Fenspear heir history would display too much text
Fix bug where Vigilance+ would only grant 2 reaction strikes
Fix bug with Wolf Price hero images
Fix bug where Terrorbird death would reduce accuracy by 1
Fix bug where Indignance would be removed when escaping a mission
Fix bug where Redcloak could use Fireball through walls
Fix bug where a town recruit story would use a maimed hero
Fix bug where Indignance didn't work on tiles with scenery on them
Fix bug where Paladin+ would allow for reaction strikes = potency
Fix bug with some Cvawn images
Fix bug where saving while getting gear would create an empty map
Fix bug where Ambush and Rogue would lose greyplane on a kill
Fix bug with multiple creatures engaging the same hero
Fix bug with the Zealous Leap cooldown
Fix bug with the Shieldshear cooldown
Fix bug with missing buffed Chosen image on Linux
Fix bug with multiplayer where events would loop back to the start
Fix some typos
Fix a crash bug
Tools: save/load/quit enabled for Carved games when cheating
Tools: Added greaterThan, lessThan, and EXISTS expressions
Tools: Can now see AI ability use score via AI Behavior Inspection
Tools: Added SetThreatFlavor Outcome
Tools: Added CAN_FORM_ROMANCE expression variable
Tools: Added "logs" button to content editor, to view log lines
Tools: Plot editor more specific about where errors happen
Tools: Added shipWith, rivalOf, friendOf, and loverOf tags


Windows Release 1 GB
Version 1.3+363 Dolse Ponder Oct 29, 2021
Linux Release 1 GB
Version 1.3+363 Dolse Ponder Oct 29, 2021
Mac Release 1 GB
Version 1.3+363 Dolse Ponder Oct 29, 2021

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