Patch Notes: 1.2+353 Uvbera Armistia

For this patch we're rolling out 6 new generic chapters. These will now be in the mix when you start a new generic campaign. There's some really fun fights in there, especially for the final chapters.

In addition we've added better feedback for several dialogs in multiplayer games, so it's more clear what happened when someone makes a choice, and some of these improvements will be visible in single player games too, where it makes sense.

Then there's the usual bug fixes, QoL, and balance tweaks. It almost feels like a regular old patch like we did in beta. Makes me nostalgic a bit.

We've got more in the works, of course. We expect the next patch to be in late October, if all goes well, and we're really excited about it.

1.2+353 Uvbera Armistia

New Chapters for Generic Campaigns!
* The Ghost Town (mid)
* The Library (mid)
* The Potionry (mid)
* The Temple of Silence (final)
* The Unseen Orchard (final)
* The Warren (final)
New Tidings and Wrapups
New music for All the Bones of Summer final fight
New Sound Effects for Tinker and Stormthroat
New Scenery for various maps
New clothes for some NPCs
Monster calamity view now shows monster tiers
Total number of calamity cards drawn now shown
Ember Arrows now works when standing next to fire lamps
Ambush missions only ever spawn 2 cards now
Lit fiery lamps now leave behind fire when destroyed
Show "You're the leader" if everyone else is reading along
An animation plays when comic choices are made
An animation plays when hero upgrades are selected
Gear choice in MP now shows who gear was given to
Legacy Heroes now always keep offhand items
Character sheets now include heroes you're recruiting
All the Bones of Summer ch3 capstone now grants gear
New interface options for Ability Animation Speed
Rerolling abilities now only costs 2LP (+2 for each reroll)
Thrixl Chrysalis no longer move
Boss monster added to Ringstone generic capstone
Wilderness_explorers event turned off
Action points are now shown at the top of the screen by default
The menu can now be accessed during interval tidings/choices/omens
Buffs/debuffs now show up as green and red in attack predictions
Attack predictions now show the value of added aspects
Friendly fire warning now shows up for shred and debuffs
Answer to Austerity pinecone choice now shows for legacy pinecones
New Thrixl Bard/Thrusk calamity
More cottage and house facades!
Fix a bug where backslam could move immovable foes
Fixed a bug where Found Family history showed backend text
Fix a bug where Engage+ didn't give 2 armor per foe
Fix a bug with hurlaxe audio
Fix a bug where enemy strength 0 would show for some missions
Fix a bug where Fenspear heir had random history
Fix a bug where rerolling parents could keep child's connection
Fix a crash bug with the legacy promote dialogue
Fix a bug where hero coins wouldn't display right in the interval
Fix some typos


Windows Release 1 GB
Version 1.2+353 Uvbera Armistia Sep 23, 2021
Linux Release 1 GB
Version 1.2+353 Uvbera Armistia Sep 23, 2021
Mac Release 1 GB
Version 1.2+353 Uvbera Armistia Sep 23, 2021

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Can you please put on optional checkbox that reduces the jumping animation (jumping height) of characters by half? it's dizzying...


Oh, have not heard this before. It may be possible to mod, I'm not sure. Thanks for letting us know.

(1 edit)

Edit: oh my god!

After so many hours, I only just take a look at Interface panel in options, and there is already an unlock camera option!!! it completely fixes the dizzying feel!

I'm so sorry, every thing is perfect now... thank you for putting that option there!