Patch Notes: 1.1+345 Aremella Errowlair

It's been a little while since launch and we want to first of all thank our community for the passion and support! It's been overwhelming at times, and we're really humbled and happy.

We've got some stuff for ya! We've got some design changes to retirement and years of peace. We've got some new theme skins! And we've got a good deal of usability improvements and bugfixes!

Going forward we'll have more content, features, and fixes, and we'll be aiming for a monthly cadence for patches for now.

1.1+344 Aremella Errowlair

Years of Peace are no longer based on performance
Retirement now grants 50% more XP
New Theme Skins Added!
Multiplayer: Added a Disconnect button to in-game menu for clients
Legacy Campaigns now act more like normal campaigns:
* Players can now recruit from towns
* Characters can have children that join the party
* Legacy heroes are no longer granted between chapters
Defenses built now grant farmers improved defense
Swift action now appears as a feather icon
Option, resource, and calamity menus are more easily accessible
Leftover Legacy Points can now be used to promote more heroes
Added coins to show when others are viewing the same comic as you
Coins indicate which player you're waiting on at the end of a comic
Players can now pay legacy points to reroll ability upgrades
Pressing escape now closes calamity window if none can be canceled
Towns can now contain up to 10 legacy heroes. (Up from 6)
Broadswipes+ now deals +2 damage instead of x2
Ignite can now only be used once per turn
Flashcone now deals damage equal to potency + spell damage
Reduced difficulty of Cavernquarry keystone
Adjusted Spawns for Enduring War first fight
Cvawn: When overland fires start, time stops
Adjusted Carved in Stone description
Action Point indicators now hover, show swift actions
Added interface option to turn on additional action point indicator
Added message after Tutorial is completed in Ulstryx
Cvawn can no longer be ensnared
Fix some crash bugs
Fix bug where armor value on tooltip wouldn't account for shred
Fix bug where Heroism prevented Wild Grasp from being Swift
Fix bug where kill counter wouldn't update immediately
Fix bug that caused sync error after mortal choice in some cases
Fix bug where retiring heroes can grant other retirees XP
Fix bug where Waterling Tiding would show wrong gender for waterling
Fix bug where Darts would cower after being killed
Fix bug where Engage could cause armor to go negative
Fix bug where Elmish Jealousy ability remained after mortal choice
Fix bug so Extinguish Fire job goes away if the tile is burnt
Fix bug where volley of arrows wouldn't show cooldown
Fix bug where Tier 0 Legacy heroes could be put into legacy again
Fix bug where Hitch a Ride event would appear more than once a game
Fix bug where saving in a Carved in Stone run could corrupt the save
Fix bug where monsters could use swift actions after moving twice
Fix bug where a placeholder recruit event would show
Fix bug where knockback wouldn't effect monsters on the same tile
Fix bug where Hammer item had no stats
Fix bug where Ecthis Chapter 3 picked a hero who already had wings
Fix bug where Mothwings could be granted twice
Fix bug where prepared shot and vine limbs didn't do anything
Fix bug where vigilance would still scale with potency
Fix bug where size of >1280x720 would cause window to be uncentered
Fix some typos
Fix some backend text bugs


Windows Release 1 GB
Version 1.1+345 Aremella Errowlair Aug 17, 2021
Linux Release 1 GB
Version 1.1+345 Aremella Errowlair Aug 17, 2021
Mac Release 1 GB
Version 1.1+345 Aremella Errowlair Aug 17, 2021

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Thank you! Thank you! It is truly great to see support for Wildermyth -- definitely my game-of-the-year, so far and by far. It is an inspiration.