Wildermyth 1.0 is LIVE!

Wildermyth 1.0

We've reached our 1.0 milestone and we're on sale this week!

Wildermyth has reached 1.0! That doesn't mean we're all done, but it does mean we think it's a complete game and we won't be making big changes to the structure of it. We have a huge patch to celebrate, as well as some awesome content creators who will be working with us through launch week while the game is on sale.

Here's what we're shipping:

All the Bones of Summer

A five chapter campaign focused on Drauven. This story follows both human and Drauven heroes over the span of the campaign. It's complex and beautiful and we're extremely proud of it.


Over 50 achievements have been added to the game. Each achievement unlocks a piece of concept art or a theme skin. You can browse your achievements in the legacy browser or on Steam.

Theme Skins

Some themes now have skins that can be unlocked with achievements. Theme skins are cosmetic variants, and once unlocked, they can be chosen in the customize section in the character sheet.

Ability Upgrades

When a hero levels up, they will now often see 4 choices instead of 3. The 4th choice is for upgrading an existing class ability or theme attack. This is a very big change to how heroes are built, and we think it will allow players to be more intentional with their builds, and differentiate heroes more.

Generic Campaign Chapters

We've revamped our generic campaigns, and it's a huge improvement!

Now instead of seeing generic events, each chapter will have an omen, capstone, and victory events that fit together, with a custom capstone mission. Some chapters also include custom keystone missions. These chapters will be mixed together to create a whole campaign. Some are monster specific, and some work for any monsters, but they all have unique battle maps and stories that match what's going on in the overall campaign. Right now there are over 20 chapters in the game, with several more on the way.

Ok that's a lot of stuff!

Launch Week Schedule

Tuesday: Nookrium
Wednesday: Penny Arcade Acquisitions Inc. C Team
Thursday: ReformistTM
Friday: Paul Soares Jr
Saturday: Seri! Pixel Biologist
Sunday: Blind IRL & friends

The Future

We're super proud of making it this far, but Wildermyth can keep growing. We'll be taking some time to evaluate our best course of action, and we'll make an announcement when we have a firmer idea of what our next steps will be. As always, we will be listening to feedback and fixing bugs. Thank you so much for coming with us on our journey!

-The Wildermyth Team

1.0 All the Bones of Summer

New Campaign! A 5 Chapter Story with Drauven
Generic Campaign Events and Maps! (~20 chapters done, more coming)
Many more Mortal Choices added
Final Moment events added (when a hero dies)
Visual and some text updates to Ulstryx
Achievements have been implemented
Achievements unlock concept art
Some Achievements unlock Theme Skins
Theme Skins are cosmetic variations for (some) skins
Abilities can now be upgraded on level up! Ability rebalance!
(A fourth slot for upgrades has been added to the level up screen)
* Upgraded Backslam: Knock an enemy into another to deal damage
* Upgraded Battledance: Gain free movement after 1st melee attack
* Upgraded Bloodrage: new active ability +2 dmg, can't die this turn
* Upgraded Broadswipes: Double broadswipes damage
* Upgraded Engage: Engages all adjacent enemies, grants +2 armor for each
* Upgraded Paladin: Guardian activates even if you attacked this turn
* Upgraded Raider: double scenery damage, can start fires on enemies
* Sentinel No longer interrupts enemy movement
* Upgraded Sentinel: Interrupts movement
* Upgraded Shieldshear: No cooldown, can use multiple times per turn
* Stalwart now grants a hero armor & warding at the cost of speed
* Upgraded Stalwart: While active, you are immune to status effects
* Upgraded Thundering Challenge: Becomes a small area of effect
* Upgraded Untouchable: Effect doesn't wear off
* Vigilance no longer scales with potency, 2 uses per turn
* Upgraded Vigilance: 4 reaction strikes per turn
* Upgraded Wolfcall: Grants +1 flanking damage to affected heroes
* Upgraded Zealous Leap: Clears pin, can be used every turn
* Upgraded Ambush: Interrupts movement
* Upgraded Archery: +30 defense against ranged attacks
* Upgraded Crippling Strikes: +2 damage vs hobbled foes
* Upgraded Ember Arrows: new active to jump to a nearby blaze
* Upgraded Flashcone: Puts all affected heroes in grayplane, +1 use
* Upgraded Foxflight: Grants 3 automatic dodges instead of 2
* Upgraded Jumpjaw: +1 use, shreds 1 armor
* Upgraded Piercing shots: Ranged attacks shred 1 armor
* Upgraded Quellingmoss: +1 poison to attacks and aoe
* Upgraded Rogue: Attacks against damaged enemies deals +1 damage
* Thornfang no longer scales with potency, 1 use per turn
* Upgraded Thornfang: Can be used three times per turn
* Upgraded Through Shot: hit all in a line -1 dmg each
* Upgraded Arches: Single action, no cooldown
* Upgraded Compulsion: Becomes a swift action, still once per turn
* Upgraded Earthscribe:
** grants improved HP and range to Bonewall
** +2 temp hp to the Rock Shield ability
** Calcify grants extra +1 armor, warding, and temp hp
* Upgraded Elementalist:
** Infernal Rain now an area of effect
** Splinterblast and splintersalvo +1 damage and hobble.
* Stunning Barrage damage +1, reduced stun chance to 50%
* Upgraded Humanist:
** Shackles deals 2x damage
** Shardnado doesn't expire
** Stunning Barrage 100% chance to stun
* Upgraded Ignite: You can now ignite tiles without debris
* Upgraded Indignance: Damage and Range increase by 1
* Mythweaver: Loredump stuns for two turns on hit
* Upgraded Mythweaver:
** Loredump damage and range increased
** Increases the damage and hobble of Greater Constrict.
** Lightning Learning: book or statue, +3 potency to ally, decays
* Upgraded Naturalist:
** Wild Grasp becomes a swift action.
** Roots and Shoots: single action AOE creates plant scenery
* Upgraded Openmind:
** Increased range of Interfuse
** Withdraw now free
* Upgraded Soulsplitting: 2 damage prevented for each interfusion
* Upgraded Spiritblade:
** Blazing Sword and Burning Arrow now single action attacks
** Heroes walling with an interfused object gain +10 stunt.
* Upgraded Vigorflow: +1 damage and +1 speed per interfusion
* Upgraded Aid: +1 use per combat
* Upgraded Bard: Swellsong: +50 stunt to nearby allies
* Bowmaster name changed to Sharpshooter
* Sharpshooter improves all ranged abilities
* Upgraded Sharpshooter: +1 Range with ranged attacks
* Upgraded Endurance: +1 armor and +2 warding
* Upgraded Hardiness: +50% health, +healing rate, +5 retirement age
* Upgraded Heroism: +1 action points
* Upgraded Inspiration: increase aura size and grant 1 warding
* Upgraded Long reach: + 1.6 range to all abilities and attacks
* Upgraded Riposte: when hit, +20 dodge until missed, stacks
* Tinker now grants an ally +3 armor and +2 warding
* Upgraded Tinker: +1 use per combat
* Upgraded Viciousness : +1 damage on melee attacks
* Upgraded Windwalk: +1 use per combat
* Upgraded Wisdom: +10 retirement age, +15 charisma
* Theme attack scaling has been halved.
* Themes attacks all have an upgrade ability now
* Upgraded theme attack doubles scaling and +1 base damage
New music for the Legacy Browser!
Reduce monster card draw by 1 for Legacy campaign Ch1,2,3
Dart's Cower ability is removed if they attack while it's active
Stunned removes Dart's Cower ability
Attack Scenery now deals a minimum amount of damage
Into the Underworld visual update
Deeven ranged attack is now magic damage
Reduced terror bird shriek range
Specterstep cooldown is slightly increased
Haunts are now easier to see while using Specterstep
Deafened is now a status effect
Stormthroat bird no longer stacks
Reduced staunching spores range by 1
Choosing a face/hairstyle etc no longer closes dropdown
Generic campaigns can now start with any classes
Temp armor will be used up before permanent armor
Ability buttons now show remaining uses and cooldowns
Horn child flanking attacks now hobble instead of pinning
Gorgon pin lasts for one turn instead of two
New incursion defense map
Incursion and Calamity timers now always show in the HUD
New interfusion particles
Multiplayer: Camera adjustments
Fix a rare map gen issue in Eluna
Fix a bug with bards and big thrusks on plot maps
Fix completed objectives showing particles
Fix a bug with always on mods settings for new games
Fix bug where legacy backup zip had wrong file extension
Fix issue where some large monsters looked blurry
Fix a bug where sentinel wouldn't take weapon range into account
Fix a bug where immune would show up when it shouldn't
Fix a bug where indignance could hit enemies through walls
Fix a bug with non-weldlings having the weldling aspect
Fix a bug where into the fire event was missing a proper name
Fix a bug where the game console showed lots of backened text
Fix a bug where a mortal choice could prevent a hero from dying
Fix a bug with compulsion feedback
Fix a bug where generic intros offered romance options to family members
Fix a bug where Ambush and Sentinel applied debuffs even if they missed
Fix a bug with campaign-only aspects showing up multiple times
Fix a bug where stasis'd creatures could gain and give walling bonuses
Fix a bug where guardian only used one-hand version of theme attacks
Fix a bug where haunt could move twice and attack afterwards
Fix a bug where tree-arm attack could deal 0 damage
Fix a bug where heroes controlled by other players were autoselected
Fix a bug where multiplayer would show interfusion feedback poorly
Fix a bug where Rockshield value wouldn't be removed after being attacked
Fix a bug where amounts in entity tooltips would show up incorrectly
Fix a bug where Weldling's firewall targeted heroes incorrectly
Fix a bug where the Chastised could target heroes in grayplane
Fix a bug where the Chastised could ignore being Engaged
Fix a bug where monsters standing on two fires don't take damage
Fix a bug where taking poison damage would remove blind
Fix a bug where dealing damage to scenery would remove blind
Fix a bug where Terrorbird's inspire would remove blind
Fix a crash bug
Fix some typos
Tools: 8-tile monsters can now be created


Windows Release 1 GB
Version 1.0+315 All the Bones of Summer Jun 15, 2021
Linux Release 1 GB
Version 1.0+315 All the Bones of Summer Jun 15, 2021
Mac Release 1 GB
Version 1.0+315 All the Bones of Summer Jun 15, 2021

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