Patch Notes: 0.34+253 Elsee Arcwright

Incursion Redesign, Crafting at Towns, More...

We've made some big changes to our overland gameplay! A big goal of ours over the next few patches is to make the overland layer feel more strategically interesting, less tedious, and more personal / story-relevant. We're starting off by redesigning how incursions work.


Enemies no-longer reoccupy sites. Instead, incursions have an Incursion Size based on difficulty, chapter, and infested tiles. The incursion travels from tile to tile, destroying defenses and sacking sites (losing size each time) until their size reaches 0, at which point they disappear. The larger the size, the tougher the fight will be!


Defenses work differently. You can build up to 3 tiers of defense, with higher tiers taking longer. Incursions will destroy a number of sites or defenses up to their size, so tier 3 defenses will completely stop a size 3 incursion. When an incursion reaches a tile with defenses, it will take several days for it to burn through each tier, so defenses also give you more time to respond.

Incursion Defense Battles

We felt these were boring. They are now faster and more hectic; you'll be surrounded by monsters coming from multiple directions. Another big change is that you'll be joined by local farmers, who will pitch in to defend their land. If you start the battle with defenses remaining, you'll benefit from those in the fight.

Town Crafting

You can now craft items during the chapter, instead of only during intervals. We've adjusted the resource economy a bit to make this more feasible, and as part of the change you can also spend legacy points to purchase extra resources when crafting. On the other hand, recruits now come in with slightly worse weapons.

We want your feedback! This is a big change, and we'd love to hear what you think about it. What's working and what's not?

And of course we have the usual raft of small changes. We aim to ship every 2-3 weeks, although we've been slow lately. Check out our roadmap here.

0.34+253 Elsee Arcwright

New Tiding - Smithcraft (Contest Winner: SleepyDragon)
Incursion Rework!
* Incursions no longer nest at sites
* Incursions now move from site to site, ruining them
* Incursions lose 1 strength with each site ruined or destroyed
* Incursions disappear when at zero strength
* Heroes at the tile can defend against incursions at any point
* New type of incursion mission adds 2-5 farmers to fight for you
* Farmers gain better gear based on level of tile defenses
* New defenses weaken incursion strength
* New defenses offer rain of arrows ability
* Defenses show up as one to three shield icons
* New particles and sounds for incursions
* New incursion defense maps
* Incursion defense event updates
* Incursions notify the player when exhausted
* Prepare Defense event updates
* Created more consistent NPCs to defend tiles.
Can now craft at towns during chapters
Legacy points can now be traded for resources
Town recruits now happen in two parts (choosing and preparing)
New recruits start with tier 0 armor until chapter 3
New recruits start with tier 1 weapons until chapter 4
Interval recruits after chapter 2 start with tier 1 weapons
Interval recruits after chapter 2 start with tier 1 armor
Jobs now auto-cancel if they're invalid
Most items can be renamed when found
Random button for customizing names
Swap Weapon button in character sheets while not in missions
Added keyboard controls for orbit and zoom
New incursion path animated visual
Added improvements to overland tile ability bar
Clear all button no longer appears when a mission needs one hero
Tooltips added to Doom Track Header
Sites giving too many spellthreads now offer different materials
Legacy file saving made more robust (creates a backup file in case of failure)
New Sounds for several abilities
New particles for Harvest and Dread Harvest abilities
Fix a bug with the town recruit event
Fix a bug where heroes walk into fire instead of extinguishing it
Fix a bug where a mystic was naked
Fix a bug where maximizing screen would break spacebar time toggle
Fix a bug where recruit missions were being prevented
Fix a bug where securing a site didn't give the correct materials
Fix a bug where storied bones event could grant the wrong weapon
Fix a bug with screenshot overwriting
Fix a bug where wiki button and mod name for comics
Tools: Added option to use long name for ability button
Tools: Animate outcome can now be used to play sounds
Tools: Added IncursionDefense mission format
Tools: Event * Added canEquip expression
Tools: Map Editor
* UseTheseExactPieces now uses sceneryDensity
* SpecificArea sceneru now respects forbidDrawScenery
* Added option to now show escape zone until player requests it
* Added allowBlockingFlag that lets scenery be packed tightly


Windows Release 1 GB
Version 0.34+253 Elsee Arcwright Feb 25, 2021
Linux Release 1 GB
Version 0.34+253 Elsee Arcwright Feb 25, 2021
Mac Release 1 GB
Version 0.34+253 Elsee Arcwright Feb 25, 2021

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