Patch Notes: 0.32+243 Anselle Evan

We've got some real nice stuff this time. We've reworked all the "unique" weapons, added tiers for them so they can persist over the legacy, and made them special with stats and/or abilities. So now you don't have to give up that cool-looking Fang Axe or Clockstopper when you unlock an elemental variant, because now they should be viable on their own.

We've made some visual changes to the overland map, to make the tiles more consistent with the mission environments, and to tie together the overall art style of various elements.

And we've upgraded our tooling. We've added an Item Editor, and greatly enhanced our Map Editor. If you've ever wanted to make a custom fight, this is a great time to take a look. Here's a video showing you how to use the new editor:

Normally we try to patch every 2-3 weeks, but with the holidays, we expect our patch schedule will suffer a bit. Our next big priorities are generic campaigns and achievements, and at some point we'd like to take a look at overland gameplay too. You can find our roadmap here.

0.32+242 Anselle Evan

Reworked Event: The Gambler
Updated Event: Amber Hollow
Updated Event: Field of Fire
New Tiding
Overland Art Refresh! looks more consistent, fields are gold now
Unique Weapons Overhaul!
  * Plain unique weapons have been buffed in fun ways
  * Unique weapons are now called Artifacts
  * Artifact weapons have tiers
  * Artifact weapons persist over legacy
  * Artifact weapons can be upgraded, but cost more than base
  * Artifact weapons can NOT be crafted, only upgraded
  * Artifact weapons drop rate adjusted
  * Artifact weapon won't drop if someone already has that weapon
  * Artifact weapons won't appear on new recruits or children
Stunt damage is now shown as a weapon stat
Elemental weapons now deal 1 less damage on stunt
Labors UI overhaul
Saving now immediately closes the dialog
Tweaked mission victory ceremony
Monster health bars are red now
Scorpion tail is now 1/turn
Reduced thornfang usages by 1/turn
Adjusted size of some monsters
Updated Enduring War boss attack (minor)
Bitter Scratch no longer prevents turn end
Fix a bug with Balestar's fireball going through walls
Fix a bug with Coachman's throw going through walls
Fix some typos
Fix a bug affecting Expanded Classes mod
Added some alternative combat maps for certain stations
Tools: Item Editor tab in content editor!
  * Items are now stored in their own files
  * Mod items should migrate automatically, contact us if issues
Tools: added some implicit aspects, can split on them:
Tools: Map Editor 2.0
  * Map Editor: no more text grid
  * Map Editor: can now draw terrain and place scenery with mouse
  * Map Editor: show images when picking scenery/doors
  * Map Editor: improved clarity and tooltips
  * Map Editor: reduced clutter, hid redundant fields
  * Map Editor: better presets for doors, walls, floors
  * Map Editor: explicit control of interior space, random scenery
  * Map Editor: don't need to save map to see changes on reroll


Windows Release 1 GB
Version 0.32+243 Anselle Evan Dec 22, 2020
Linux Release 1 GB
Version 0.32+243 Anselle Evan Dec 22, 2020
Mac Release 1 GB
Version 0.32+243 Anselle Evan Dec 22, 2020

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