Patch Notes: 0.31+235 Sani Cavern

New Monsters, New Music!

Some exciting stuff that's been in progress for a while finally came together in this patch. We have 9 new monsters, each of the 5 monster groups get 2 (except Gorgons who only get 1). These are mostly high-end monsters, so they extend the range of difficulty, and we've put some effort into making the game harder when you have 20+ calamities per group. (Note, we're ONLY trying to increase the difficulty when you have many calamities, so this shouldn't affect players who are not seeking out punishment.) We're definitely looking for feedback from our Walking Lunch, high calamity players about how that's working out and how we can go further with it.

With the addition of these new monsters, we've added 5-chapter Legacy Campaigns. Legacy campaigns let you start with legacy heroes, and you'll get more during intervals. For the 5-chapter experience, we've left interval length alone, so heroes will start to retire in the later chapters. Let us know what you think!

New Music! We've got several new story-oriented pieces that we've fit into our existing events. Stories will now have music that matches and reinforces their emotional tone, and we're really happy about that.

In addition, there's several new and reworked events, some reworked monsters, and a bunch of tweaks and fixes.

We aim to ship every 2-3 weeks and our roadmap is here.

0.31+233 Sani Cavern

  • New Event: Apothecary
  • New Event: The Unpaid Bill
  • New Event: Old Guard New Blood
  • New Event: Collective
  • Reworked Quest: Farm and Forest
  • Reworked Quest: Scatter Stand or Still
  • New Music! Assigned new music to many events
  • Added new monsters to each group!
    • Deepist: The Faithful
    • Deepist: The Chastised
    • Drauven: Balestar
    • Drauven: Raid Knight
    • Gorgon: Seacaller
    • Morthagi: Coachman
    • Morthagi: Groundskeeper
    • Thrixl: Kinnestend
    • Thrixl: Muse
  • Added 5 Chapter Legacy Campaigns
  • Removed non-legacy recruit events from legacy campaigns
  • legacy campaigns now draw an additional card per fight
  • Reworked Bartoth as a mage, interfuse and explode allies
  • Reworked Butler as a butler - cleans and buffs allies
  • Improved stat comparisons for armor
  • Sommelier now does magic damage, reduced damage slightly
  • Late Game Difficulty Increased:

    • increased card threshold for high tier monsters
    • increased health of some high tier monsters 
    • calamities for more low/mid tier monsters per card
    • health calamities now scale with monster base health
  • Reduced range of Splintersalvo to mainly between the scenery
  • Minor tweaks to several events
  • Clarified some objectives in Eluna and the Moth
  • Legacy heroes now sorted by tier then name in recruit list
  • Can now save with note, instead of having to add it after
  • Stasised heroes cannot be stunned or poisoned
  • New interface options to disable auto camera movement
  • Customize face/hair dropdowns don't close on select anymore
  • Death animations don't block for as long
  • Map seed now visible from this game tab
  • Aid now removes Mindworm
  • Removing Mindworm now does not break stealth
  • Attempt to fix a couple crash bugs
  • Fix a bug where forbid random romance was not sticking
  • Fix a rare bug with Eluna map gen (unreachable tile)
  • Fix skunk spray tooltip
  • Fix bug where wild grasp could fail if no destination
  • Fix a rare crash on load
  • ools: now possible to add custom stunts to gear or heroes
  • Tools: now possible to set and preview music in comic editor


Windows Release 1 GB
Version 0.31+235 Sani Cavern Nov 25, 2020
Linux Release 1 GB
Version 0.31+235 Sani Cavern Nov 25, 2020
Mac Release 1 GB
Version 0.31+235 Sani Cavern Nov 25, 2020

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