Patch Notes: 0.30+225 Lynn Yates

Now that we've shipped our Thrixl campaign, we're taking some time to fix some little stuff and work in new content. This patch has a lot of relatively minor changes, many of which have been player requests. We've also got a couple new events, with more on the way.

We aim to ship every 2-3 weeks and our roadmap is here.

0.30 Lynn Yates

  • New Event: Anchors 
  • New Event: Pulling Threads
  • Updated Event: Sweltering
  • Stars Farm and Forest temporarily disabled
  • Scatter Stand or Still temporarily disabled
  • Added checkboxes to forbid random Romances and Rivalries
  • Events now less likely to happen if they happened last game
  • Now possible to change difficulty level during a game
    • Note this does not adjust existing calamities etc.
  • Save games are now zipped - greatly reduces file size 
    • Old games will load fine, won't be migrated for now
  • Adjusted Eluna Ch2 Capstone difficulty (bit easier now)
  • Some work on initial loading time and splash screen
  • Added a 'random' button when choosing own company name
  • Tweaked some wing images
  • Adjusted Comics 'Back', 'Skip' button visuals
  • Improved incursion indicator tooltip on overland map
  • Hunter w/o bow will not fire arrow in Ulstryx Ch1 victory comic
  • Fix some missing pauldron images
  • Fix bug with Sylvan Invigoration
  • Fix bug where Elsee dies but still shows up in tiding
  • Fix bug where Monarchs mole could show up even if dead
  • Fixed bug where typing numbers in name field would change tabs
  • Tools: added a cheat to delete history lines
  • Tools: editing effects no longer requires restart
  • Tools: made legacy heroes at towns moddable
  • Tools: fix a freeze when overriding calamities
  • Tools: Reworked Editor screen to make important labs clear
  • Tools: Can now use legacy heroes in events

Also, in case you missed them, here are some hotfixes we put out since 0.29 shipped:

0.29+220 Eluna and the Moth Hotfix 6

Fix a bug with customizing recruits
Temporarily disabling Wildheart for maintenance
Fix a visual bug on T3 water axe
Add some error protection when creating items
Add better logging for active and background mods

0.29+215 Eluna and the Moth Hotfix 5

Fix a bug where Eluna Ch4 capstone crashed on linux

0.29+214 Eluna and the Moth Hotfix 4

Sibling relationships now stored in legacy
Ensure that Eluna siblings retain status through legacy
Fix a bug where items in mods would not work
Fix some text issues

0.29+213 Eluna and the Moth Hotfix 3

Text tweaks in English and Chinese

0.29+212 Eluna and the Moth Hotfix 2

Fix moth wing description
Chinese text tweaks
Fix weapon loss when customizing inactive legacy heroes Fix a bug where particles would linger in legacy browser
Fix a character sheet bug when marking legacy heroes inactive

0.29+210 Eluna and the Moth Hotfix 1

Fix a bug where starting siblings could form a romance


Windows Release 1 GB
Version 0.30+225 Lynn Yates Nov 11, 2020
Linux Release 1 GB
Version 0.30+225 Lynn Yates Nov 11, 2020
Mac Release 1 GB
Version 0.30+225 Lynn Yates Nov 11, 2020

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