Patch Notes: 0.27+164 Sable Nettelmoth

Undo, Limited Legacy Recruitment, and Translation Tech

This patch crosses some important long-term work off our list, introduces some minor gameplay changes, and polishes up a few little things.

We now have an undo system in missions. The intent is to let you undo a move if you misclick. You get two uses per mission. You can only undo move actions, not attacks, and you can only undo if the move doesn't kill your character or cause a retreat. Total undos are tracked and displayed at the end of the game. (You can still just load your game whenever you want, too, of course.)

We've also change legacy recruitment at towns. Now instead of being able to pick from your whole roster at each town, each town will have a random selection. We're making sure that some high-tier and some low-tier legacy heroes are at each town. This integrates legacy heroes better into the story (you're "finding" them at this town instead of pulling them from a catalog) and also opens up more fun ways to find and recruit them during events.

We've been making great progress on our first translation (Chinese) and as part of that we have some tech improvements that will benefit other languages too, including a translator credit that shows per-event.

The Thrixl campaign is also coming along well, we hope to have more news on that soon!

We aim to ship a patch every 2-3 weeks and you can find our roadmap here.

0.27+164 Sable Nettelmoth

Legacy recruits are now per-town, instead of always full roster
Added an Undo system for mis-clicks in mission
  * Up to twice per combat you can undo a move (not an attack)
  * Some restrictions apply
  * Total undos used shown at end of game
Updated UI art for new story options
Updated interval UI art
Updated UI art for doom monster headers
Added graphics option to turn off ability overlay on hover
Hovering over a threat/assault now shows difficulty more accurately
Removed calamity cards now pile up at the bottom for review
Fixed several typos and other text issues
Fixed a bug with always-on mods overriding events
Fixed a bug with specific-named NPCs where the name could revert
Fixed a bug where large pets could break in certain circumstances
Disabled broken instanced particle graphics option
Tools: added <test: [expression] :pass/fail> tag
Tools: fixed Name Lab crash
Tools: can now override years of peace for intervals
Tools: can use custom text for interval headers
Tools: worked on overland map generation
Tools: added <season+1> ,+2,+3,-1,-2-3 tags
Tools: name and blurb now editable from comics tab
Translate: in-world (scalable) text now supports local fonts
Translate: name data is now translatable (use suffixes)
Translate: added a "translated by" field for each comic


Windows Release 1 GB
Version 0.27+164 Sable Nettelmoth Sep 01, 2020
Linux Release 1 GB
Version 0.27+164 Sable Nettelmoth Sep 01, 2020
Mac Release 1 GB
Version 0.27+164 Sable Nettelmoth Sep 01, 2020

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