Patch Notes: 0.22+142 Calidia and Gari

The game is starting to get more difficult.

We took a look at the feedback we've been getting and we felt that the game has gotten too easy in recent patches, particularly on the higher difficulty levels. We've made a collection of changes to normalize the difficulty levels (remove unfair / unfun spikes), and we're adjusting crafting costs.

We're not finished, but we wanted to get these out now. We're still working on ways to opt in to more challenging experiences, and a big part of that is turning on legacy hero campaigns. There will be more to come soon on that. In addition, the UI rework is going well, so we should be able to deliver two large roadmap items pretty soon.

0.22+142 Calidia and Gari

New Event: Storied Bones
New Victory Event: Apologies
New Victory Event: A Named Place
Updated Quest: Needed Elsewhere
Several new Tidings
Renamed difficulty levels:

  • Storyteller
  • Adventurer
  • Tragic Hero
  • Walking Lunch

Difficulty Rework: The game's getting harder!

  • Some doors start open at higher difficulties
  • Tower map is larger when more enemies are present
  • Large open maps now delay some enemy spawns
  • Walking Lunch difficulty now +1 card in every fight
  • Tier 2 and 3 weapons are more expensive
  • Reduced rate of weapon and armor drops after fights

Quellingmoss now works with all melee attacks, including theme attacks
Added flying step sound for enemies with wings Gear rewards now have a small chance to be higher tier We now disallow editing hero personality during a game
Added particles to Will of the Forest tree spawn
Fix a bug with prediction for Wolf Frenzy
Fix a bug with vine arm entangle
Fix a bug where stasised heroes could use reaction strikes
Fix some missing scenery names
Always-On Mods:

  • Added an option for mod authors of mods that grant gear, abilities...
  • Always-On mods can be configured in the options menu
  • Should allow heroes to look correct in the legacy browser

Fixed several typos and text bugs
Fixed a bug with Skysinger AI
Tools: new combat modifiers: Stealth, Haste, Exhaustion, Anticipation
Tools: can now spawn correct ruins scenery using <Env> tag
Tools: combat modifiers now work when using missionPlanOverride
Tools: exposed several more balance numbers for modding
Tools: work towards deprecating old hard-coded campaigns


Windows Release 1 GB
Version 0.22+142 Calidia and Gari 94 days ago
Linux Release 1 GB
Version 0.22+142 Calidia and Gari 94 days ago
Mac Release 1 GB
Version 0.22+142 Calidia and Gari 94 days ago

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