Patch Notes: 0.21+139 Kyrmark

More customization, bugs, and tool improvements!

This patch we're adding a bunch more character customization options. You can now customize your gender, body type, voice, and attraction. As part of that, you can now create non-binary and bisexual heroes.

We've added a cool new overlay when you're about to execute an ability, instead of the boring colored gradient. And there's a lot of little bug fixes and quality of life improvements for modders, including several improvements driven by modder requests on Discord.

We're making strong progress towards the first section of our Roadmap, and we want to try to close that off in the next few patches.

The UI art reskin is going to be a big piece of that, and after that we should be able to turn our attention to the Thrixl campaign. As ever, we're adding new content and adjusting old content as needed.

We aim to ship a patch every two weeks, with mixed success. :-)

0.21+139 Kyrmark

New Event: Music of the Deep
Reworked Quest: For a Friend
Added customization options for gender, body type, voice, and attraction
Can now set gender to non-binary (they/them)
Can now set attraction to anyone (bi)
Improved AI pathing - previously sometimes got stuck, shouldn't anymore
Many Ranged enemies will stand further back now
Added a few new scenery pieces
Added a new hair style
Sharktrap now 1 trap per tile instead of 1 big trap (buff)
Damaging scenery now shows damage text and health bar
Hovering over scenery now shows health bar
Improved scenery interfusion tooltips
Added sfx for hero wings and stone legs, and corrupted ground
Added graphics options to turn off some or most particles
Replaced solid gradient ability overlay with fancy textures
Adjusted particles on selected and hovered units to be more visible
Archery now works with morthagi crossbow and shooting star
Added a content note for amputation / loss of limbs
Added SFX for monster search, windwalk, adjusted XP SFX
Fixed some overly-deterministic abilities (random targets now random)
Fixed some typos and bad tags
Fixed a bad interaction between Frenzy and Broadswipes
Fixed bug where 2-handed weapons were not properly replaced when maimed
Fixed some rare player-reported bugs (NPEs in logs)
Fixed some bugs with camera movement
Fixed a bug where dead heroes could show up in Monarchs Ch3 events
Fixed bug where heroes with 4 theme limbs would not get a mortal choice
Fixed a bug where some lamps didn't provide cover when extinguished
Tools: log mod name in addition to id when there's an error in a mod
Tools: removed many old/obsolete stories
Tools: added an Objective to test aspects
Tools: added an Objective to test arbitrary expressions Tools: LegacyQuery now only shows fields relevant to selected type
Tools: Added ForEach outcome, which executes an outcome for each target
Tools: 10 most recent effects/aspects/comics now at top of list
Tools: Holding Ctrl when expanding/collapsing a node acts recursively
Tools: Can now grant gear based on expressions (e.g. chapter number)
Tools: Can now specify combatants based on expressions
Tools: added TIDING_WRAPUP_FINAL for "very last panel" during credits
Tools: Can now play a save file that uses a workshop mod that you own


Windows Release 1 GB
Version 0.21+139 Kyrmark May 28, 2020
Linux Release 1 GB
Version 0.21+139 Kyrmark May 28, 2020
Mac Release 1 GB
Version 0.21+139 Kyrmark May 28, 2020

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