Patch Notes: 0.20+137 Aulander Jaeger

Theme balance, potency, relationship locks

This patch addresses a fair bit of feedback we've been getting re: theme attacks, potency, armor, and Battledance. The goal with themes and potency is to allow theme attacks to scale into the late game better than they do currently, while not outshining weapons. We want transformations to (always?) be a mixed bag, and this patch also tries to fix some cases where transformations were purely good.

Overall we think this is a big buff to heroes, so enjoy it while it lasts, we'll probably work on monsters next :-P

We also started working more on custom maps to match specific situations, and some of that is ready to roll, and there's a couple new events as well.

In addition, it's now possible to "lock" relationships from the character sheet, which you can use to make sure lovers and rivals remember each other across time and space (all games).

Normally we try to release every two weeks, but lately that's been hard due to the situation, so we might roll with every 3 weeks for a while until child care is available again.

0.20+137 Aulander Jaeger

New Event: Burden of Beasts
New Event Chain: Shiny, Dug Up, The Merchant
New Event: Familial
Reworked Quest: Dodging Destiny
Lover and Rival relationships can now be "locked" across all games
Adjusted (increased) armor values on heavy armor
Reduced dodge of Wildergard and Traveltraff
Battledance now only affects melee attacks
Vigilance now grants an extra 1+potency attacks instead of infinite
Theme Attack and Potency Rework!!
  Adjusted most theme attacks to scale with bonus damage AND potency
  Replaced potency stat on wands and staves with spell damage
  Interfusion abilities use spell damage, theme attacks don't
  Mystic armor also gives spell damage instead of potency
  Rebalanced theme leg stats
  Separated Damage and Potency augments (going forward)
  Reworked and rebalanced several theme attacks
  Adjusted bonus damage and potency given on level up

  Many class abilities now scale with potency (damage or range)
Abilities now show damage in character sheet and theme advancement
Show damage formulas for many/most attacks
Vinewrench and Wild Grasp now pin the enemy
Insidious Filament is now passive, applies 2 poison to adjacent monsters
Increased range of Shackle interfusion recipe
Celestial Path no longer gives bonus to monsters
Riposte can now use theme arm attacks
Updated stat descriptions for consistency / clarity
Killing a boss with a reaction now grants victory immediately
Silkstep now shows as disabled if there are no valid destinations
Healing rate now has a min of 0.5 when not traveling
Spelltouched now gives -0.5 bonus damage
Improved feedback for soulsplitting
All hooks now have more appropriate combat maps
Mountain Mischief B and Great One have custom maps.
Skeleton stat changes should be permanent now
Tails (wolf and crow) are now granted automatically when you have a leg
Fixed bug where shred could be higher than armor
Fixed bug where some audio would still play when master volume was at 0
Fixed some bug with move-attack feedback
Fixed bug where compulsion didn't require line of sight
Fixed bug where hook quests involving retired heroes would stick around
Fixed rare cases where damage and shred could be fractional
Fixed: star dance would put the job on an unexplored tile
Fixed: attacking threats sometimes didn't show travel time
Fixed: attacking incursions used all heroes by default
Fixed several typos
Tools: implicit aspects (ALLY, etc..) can now be used in expressions
Tools: fixed bug where comic would crash if you deleted all panels
Tools: aspects and effects have a new "formula" field (will show in gray)
Tools: fixed bug where override name tags would get deleted
Tools: improved aspect search bar
Tools: improved alignment, selection and cursor behavior of text areas
Tools: Added RemoveGear outcome
Tools: added hints for all Outcomes.


Windows Release 1 GB
Version 0.20+137 Aulander Jaeger May 13, 2020
Linux Release 1 GB
Version 0.20+137 Aulander Jaeger May 13, 2020
Mac Release 1 GB
Version 0.20+137 Aulander Jaeger May 13, 2020

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