Patch Notes: 0.18+129 Dahlia Leraan

We're hunkering down, sheltering-in-place, and fending off grouchy toddlers to bring you updates! We've got some new events, a bunch of tool improvement for starting your own campaigns and stories, and bug fixes/balance tweaks. Stay safe out there, heroes.

0.18 Dahlia Leraan

New Event: Lockwords
New Event: Answer to Austerity
New Mission Victory: Monstertalk
New Mission Victory: In the Dark Hours
New Mission Victory: Resistant
Add a random seed field to new game dialog that's used when generating map
Increase tier 3 one-handed axe shred to 2
Increase tier 2 and 3 two-handed axe shred to 2
Added shred to clockstopper
Bitter Scratch now a swift Action
Added confirm step to forget legacy hero, can now forget promoted heroes
Increased speed of XP and calamity card animations
Fixed several typos
Fixed a bug where skeleton could be selected for romance
Fixed a bug where monarchs ch2 recruit could be cancelled
Fixed a bug where you could pick the same legacy hero twice (crashed) Tools: added many tooltips, especially for plots and scenarios
Tools: color coding for plot steps
Tools: New Campaign tool revamped, friendlier and more flexible
Tools: now possible to make mods that add hair, faces, heads
Tools: moved data out of humanSkin.json and into assets/data/peopleParts
Tools: improved order of entities when using inspect in comic tool
Tools: fixed a bug where scenario (e.g. roster) changes were not reloaded


Windows Release 1 GB
Version 0.18+129 Dahlia Leraan Apr 01, 2020
Linux Release 1 GB
Version 0.18+129 Dahlia Leraan Apr 01, 2020
Mac Release 1 GB
Version 0.18+129 Dahlia Leraan Apr 01, 2020

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