0.16+118 Monarchs Under the Mountain

We're excited to announce our new campaign story, Monarchs Under the Mountain! It's a five chapter story that focuses on the Deepists, and allows you to start off with legacy heroes.

We're really happy with how it turned out. In addition, we've updated several events and added a couple new ones. And There's the usual raft of bugfixes, clarity improvements, and balance tweaks.

The Deepist Campaign is a major item off our roadmap as we continue to march towards 1.0. Next up we have a bunch of great work aimed and bringing the quality level of the game up to what we consider a "1.0 " standard. I personally am super excited about a lot of this stuff.

* Localization tech
* UI art skin overhaul
* Legacy Hero Improvements
* Theme advancement Improvements
* Tools and moddability improvements

We're really thrilled with how much people seem to like Wildermyth, and we're excited to have the chance to keep working on it. We've always nursed a secret ambition that this game could become more than just another RPG, that it could grow to be a storytelling platform that anyone can contribute to. We want to bring the best of tabletop roleplaying to the digital realm.

Of course we have a long way to go, but we're loving the process. Thank you so much for joining us in the Yondering Lands!


0.16+118 Monarchs Under the Mountain

New Campaign! Monarchs Under the Mountain: a five chapter Deepist story
New Event: Far We Go, High We Climb
Reworked Quest: Wandering Church of Dale -> The Mending Path
Reworked Event: Ghost in the Machine -> Kirdock's Tower
New recruit event: One for the Road
New recruit event: In Good Company
Updated event: Remember This One
Updated generic retake the station/town events
Updated incursion defense event
Updated ambushed event
Added particles and feedback for enemy spawn zones in plot missions
Improved overland objective feedback (new icons, tooltips etc..)
Remove recruit cost penalty for large company size
Guardian and Sentinel can now stunt
Added particles for deepist abilities and auras
Tweaks and improvements to party select dialog
Star theme has legs now
Having a hero escape now selects the next hero
Sentinel now respects pinned status
Adjust visual sizes of deepist figure
Adjusted ui scaling threshold resolutions
Attacking Father Fungus no-longer shows friendly fire warning
Art cleanup for some hero facial expressions
Fixed fireleash and steal fire tooltips to show correct damage
Improved shardnado damage prediction
Armor and warding icons in portrait now shrink to fit
Added ability tooltips when picking legacy hero abilities
Children will no longer generate same first name as parent
Improved placement of bridge/pass jobs, should always be accessible now
Clarified leg speed numbers (more clear prosthetic leg is a debuff)
Fixed a number of memory leaks - particularly video memory
Fixed a bug where Jigsaw mission victory would show dead heroes
Fixed a bug where figures sometimes didn't block line of sight
Fixed a bug with frog tongue move feedback
Fixed a bug where left crow leg would not show up on male mystic
Fixed a bug where Terms of Endearment could happen multiple times
Fixed some typos and minor event issues
Fixed a bug where heroes could show up as different ages in tidings
Fixed bug where steal fire wouldn't work on fireplaces
Fixed a bug where forgetting a legacy hero could lead to a crash
Fixed a bug where a wrong version of an npc could show up sometimes
Improved camera handling for Discus
Tools: difficulty levels now work in battles (embarrassing!)
Tools: changing an event id will now also change the source file


Windows Release 980 MB
Version 0.16+118 Monarchs Under the Mountain Mar 02, 2020
Linux Release 1,016 MB
Version 0.16+118 Monarchs Under the Mountain Mar 02, 2020
Mac Release 1,008 MB
Version 0.16+118 Monarchs Under the Mountain Mar 02, 2020

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