Patch Notes: 0.15+114 Lylcon Stormpuck

This update brings a rework to the Deepist monster group. In general Deepists will rely less on channelling and transforming, and should be more thematic and engaging. We're getting ready to release our Villain (campaign), Monarchs Under the Mountain, which features Deepists as the main antagonists, and we wanted to make sure they were in fighting shape :-)

Also, lots of other good stuff too!

0.15+114 Lylcon Stormpuck

  • Many new mission victories (12?!) for when a hero dies:
    • The Long Struggle
    • Deliver a Message
    • Unprepared
    • Deliberations
    • Dark is Darker
    • I Believed
    • The Golden Mountain
    • Visible
    • Bellowing
    • Carried Out
    • When You're Ready
    • Words in Ash
  • Horn Child:
    • Gang Up: flanking attacks pin.
  • Chosen:
    • Prophet's Fury: if start turn injured, gain fury, stacks up to 3x
    • Remove channel
  • Murk Mother:
    • Pact of the Deep: spawn Horn Child when interfused ally dies
    • Remove channel
    • Gets her own spawn card track
  • Father Fungus:
    • Staunching Spores: heal ally within range
    • Crotchety: counters missed ranged attacks against himself
    • Remove transformation to Mushrox
    • Gets his own spawn card track
  • Shadow Hunter:
    • Goreleap: leap 3 tiles, damage and shred near landing spot
    • Unstoppable: can't be pinned or hobbled, reaction attacks miss
  • Mushrox:
    • Remove ranged attack
    • Shouldersledge: charge through and knock back foes
  • Crow theme now has limbs, crow claws pierce 1 and blind on stunt
  • Frog head now has a tongue attack (similar to bogmoor)
  • Legacy will now track which companies your heroes participate in
  • New icons for quellingmoss, windwalk
  • Tweak windwalk, longer range and can go through walls to visible tiles
  • Increase throwing knife flanking damage
  • Quellingmoss flank mark now from self instead of blast origin
  • Tinker does not block end of turn anymore
  • Mystic shackle recipe now deals damage
  • Removed "shackled," use "pinned" instead
  • Hooked up some missing sfx for monsters
  • Implement status effect sfx (positive and negative)
  • Fixed a bug where guardian/sentinel would not cover scenery tiles
  • Fixed a bug with obscured heroes where monster turn would never end
  • Fixed a rare crash if an incursion and a capstone started at same time
  • Fix tidings firing when they shouldn't
  • Fix bug where stormsend could go through walls
  • Fixed bug where vigorflow didn't increase damage for ranged attacks
  • Tools: improved validation of Mission and Combatant data
  • Tools: improved feedback on which targets will be affected by outcomes


Windows Release 980 MB
Version 0.15+114 Lylcon Stormpuck Feb 18, 2020
Linux Release 1,016 MB
Version 0.15+114 Lylcon Stormpuck Feb 18, 2020
Mac Release 1,008 MB
Version 0.15+114 Lylcon Stormpuck Feb 18, 2020

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