Patch Notes: 0.13+109 Pixle Masterson

This patch, we gave Hunter abilities and Common abilities a significant pass. Some are modified, some are removed, and some are brand new. The ranged Hunter should be more fun & balanced since we nerfed bows in the previous patch, and you should be able to make a wider variety of Hunter builds (including focusing on techniques like traps and poison.)

You'll probably notice some new events floating around, including a few of the Opportunity Quests that have gotten exciting new makeovers.

And of course, there's the usual heap of bug fixes, balance tweaks, small UI improvements.

0.13+109 Darrel Trace

New mortal choice and tidings for Turtle Guardian
New Event: Terms of Endearment
Reworked Quest: For an Old Wish Passing
Reworked Quest: The Lonely Cost -> The Prisoner
Reworked Quest: The Unstilled Heart
Reworked Event: ClockworkThieves -> Mark of the Times
Reworked Event: Music of the Night -> A Night Visitor's Song
Updated Event: One False Step
Common Abilities Rework:
 * Viciousness is now +1 damage for melee attacks.
  * Endurance now gives +2 armor
  * Aid now removes negative status effects
  * Removed Soulstrike and Divine Athlete from ability deck
  * Windwalk: swift action, once per combat, mid-range teleport
  * Tinker: swift action, once per combat, restore all armor to self or ally
  * Bowmaster now removes the minimum bow range
Hunter Rework!
  * Removed Phantomflare and Traverse from ability deck
  * Ember Arrows now starts a fire on the destination tile
  * Foxflight: activate -> now dodges the next two attacks, no time limit
  * Archery now also procs if adjacent allies are attacked
  * Quellingmoss now includes an active AOE poison bomb
  * Crippling Strikes: attacks Hobble the enemy
  * Piercing Shots: ranged attacks pierce 2 armor
  * Jumpjaw: usable twice per combat, applies poison if have Quellingmoss
Mystic ability: Vigorflow: +1 damage on physical attacks per interfusion
Removed 'once per turn' restriction for offhand item actives
Tweaked largest text size to be a bit smaller.
Stacking status effects now show a stack number in tooltip
Improvements to combat camera for sequential attacks
Poison damage should animate faster
Reduced weight of +Range calamities
Improved look of +/- resource announcement panels
Slots dialog shows wounded heroes
Weapon categories and subcategories displayed in more places
Now cannot prepare defense on tile with lurking threat
Fire damage animation now won't play if no damage done
"Bury hero" jobs now autocomplete during intervals or on game victory Jobs to build stations now show costs and build time in initial dialog
Fix broken text in "Mountain Mischief"
Fix typos
Fixed a bug where capturing a spirit in the final battle didn't work
Fixed a bug where failing a hook quest would grant a reward
Fixed a bug where prepare defense job was visible on unreachable tile
Fixed a rare crash bug when two missions happened at once
Fixed a bug where pressing Escape would prevent screen-edge panning
Fixed a bug where some theme arm abilities would be listed twice
Improved feedback for pierce
Improved feedback for enchanted barricades
Turned off "Heart of the Forest" campaign (should not have been on!)
Tools: fix performance issue in the Effects tab for certain comic events
Tools: fixed crash related to Skip Promotions cheat
Tools: added TRUE_DAMAGE_ROLL_INCOMING effect type
Tools: fixed RemoveTheme to not add weird prosthetics


Windows Release 980 MB
Version 0.13+109 Darrel Trace Jan 24, 2020
Linux Release 1,016 MB
Version 0.13+109 Darrel Trace Jan 24, 2020
Mac Release 1,008 MB
Version 0.13+109 Darrel Trace Jan 24, 2020

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