Patch Notes: 0.12+106 Pixle Masterson

This updates collects a bunch of bug fixes and balance tweaks. We have increased armor overall for heroes, mostly via outfits. We've updated and reworked several stories. We've made a bunch of small improvement to the modding flow. Now that the holidays are done we'll be getting back to our regular two-week cycle.

0.12+106 Pixle Masterson

  • Reworked Event: Only Human
  • Reworked Event: The Unstilled Heart
  • Updated Event: The Geometry of Magic
  • Updated Event: The Unstilled Heart
  • Added larger font sizes for high dpi monitors.
  • Increased outfit armor across the board - Warrior Ability - Untouchable - On kill, evade the next attack within 1 turn
  • Adjusted character sheet text so it doesn't overlap head so much
  • SFX for spirits
  • Hook quests now grant a full level instead of just an ability
  • Hook quests can now only happen once per relationship per game
  • Hook quests now grant + retirement age
  • Hook resolution now stored in legacy
  • Add monster group name to calamity cards
  • Added Character Sheet and Skip buttons to story dialog
  • Added "Blackhorn" rank localization (top rank was previously unspecified?)
  • Fixed a bug where the "increased range" calamity had no effect for most monsters.
  • added "attack range" for factions that were missing it (all except morthagi)
  • Fixed a bug where broadswipes didn't work for theme attacks
  • Fixed a bug where stone stunt could hit through walls
  • Fixed a bug where pin did not affect some thrixl abilities
  • Fixed a bug where pilot "dispirited" effect was not working
  • Fixed several events that used Inhabited
  • Fixed a bug where crag eagle tiding was not happening when it should
  • Made Mo-Atona non-interactive
  • Fixed a bug where missing items (inactive mods) would break saves, legacies
  • Fix a bug that caused problems when multiple steam mods were enabled
  • Fixed a bug where wardrobe could spawn twice in some circumstances
  • Fixed a bug where pinned warriors were losing their turn
  • Calamity buff icons and blurbs are more consistent
  • SFX for infestation
  • Bard and Wisdom buffs more visible in slots dialog
  • Spirit objective now shows turns left
  • Wall caps should look better
  • Health bar now shrinks armor and warding to fit
  • Visual clean up in various comics
  • Generated children should not have history that claims they are orphans etc..
  • Added smoke vfx for haberdasher
  • Better feedback and animation for Raider
  • Showing better range info for several monster abilities (Bogmoor, Scorier)
  • Viewing character sheet for party now shows a hero in the party
  • Can now enable cheats after starting a game
  • Better feedback for unreachable tiles
  • Slots dialog now shows better travel time estimates
  • Modding: images from mod folders can now be used in comics
  • Modding: encounter and tiding effects show warnings if not enabled
  • Modding: Added many tooltips to the editor
  • Modding: History lines now correctly store localization in mod folder
  • Modding: pick events fail reasons are more accurate and helpful
  • Modding: can now do lookups on other roles from score functions
  • Modding: Better logging when an event doesn't fire
  • Modding: relationships tab in dev mode now shows tier 0 relationships


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Version 0.12+106 Pixle Masterson 84 days ago
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Version 0.12+106 Pixle Masterson 84 days ago
Mac Release 946 MB
Version 0.12+106 Pixle Masterson 84 days ago

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