Roadmap to 1.0

Since we released we've been getting a lot of questions about various features, bugs, and additions to the game. We've created a roadmap so you can see what we plan to add for our 1.0 release.

This does not include bugfixes or small improvements that we will continue to work in as we go along. It's also, to be honest, just our best guess, in terms of exact features and also in terms of timing. So expect it to change over time as we learn more.

Wildermyth Roadmap to 1.0

Note: this will be updating as time passes! But as of December 2019, this is where we are:

Imminent Work

Happening over the next couple months

  • Deepist Campaign
  • Finish opportunity quests
  • Refine/update old & unsatisfying events
  • "Legacy Hero" mode for generic campaigns
  • Develop tech for translations
  • Some modding improvements
  • Deepist ability rework
  • Follow-ups for TurtleGuardian (mortal choice + tidings)
  • UI art reskin
  • Overland map UI cleanup
  • Advance transformations during intervals
  • Bigger fonts for high DPI monitors

A Bit Later On

Happening through spring-ish

  • Thrixl campaign
  • Intro/capstone/finale events for generic campaigns
  • "Undo" system in-mission
  • Upgrade graphics library
  • Borderless window
  • Cross-class abilities rework
  • XP more visible
  • Back button in comic panels
  • Better resource-get comic panels
  • Revisit incursion/defense comic art
  • Customize pronouns & orientation for heroes
  • Customize facial hair
  • Persist family relationships across legacies

Eventually... Before 1.0 Launch

Happening over the summer

  • Drauven campaign
  • More combat maps
  • Performance improvements
  • Drauven ability rework
  • Legacy Improvements (sorting, using as NPCs, weapon unlocks)
  • Ironman mode
  • Controller Support
  • Steam Achievements
  • Major modding improvements


Sprinkled in between the other bigger chunks of work

  • More events: parent/child
  • More events: lost lovers/rivals/parents/children
  • More events: follow-ups for heroes w/transformations
  • More events: player determines a relationship
  • More events: arriveAtSites & wildernessEvents
  • More music (for boss fights in particular)
  • More sound effects
  • As always, balance and bugfixes

The living version of the roadmap is here.

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