Patch Notes: 0.9+88 Cathryn Del Hunt

0.9+88 Cathryn Del Hunt

This patch is all about responding to feedback from our players who have been playing on higher difficulties. Several cheesy strategies have been nerfed, and other balance improvements and bugfixes have been made to make the H.P. Lovecraft difficulty more fun and less dumb. Overall buff to warriors as well.

  • New Story: Avenger - TamTroll's contest reward!
  • New loading screen art!
  • Fixed a bug where certain battles would crash when launched
  • Adjust several town recruit events
  • Recruit and Station jobs show LP cost in tooltip, appear disabled if you can't afford
  • If an event replaces an arm causing a hero to have no weapon, give them a basic weapon.
  • Improved monster descriptions for spawn cards
  • Fixed a bug where spectral lantern and spellshard didn't function properly
  • Spellshard no-longer craftable
  • Updated some dialogs to put Done or Confirm on the right, for consistency
  • New FX for concussed, hobbled, and mindwormed.
  • Renamed Prophet to Shadow Hunter
  • Fixed a bug with calamity and incursion UI on resize
  • Removed incorrect history line for Crag Eagle fail case
  • Job Banners look more clickable now
  • Fixed several free actions that were preventing the turn from ending
  • Control the pace of "2 spectiks", "3 spectiks" calamities so they can't happen too soon
  • Nerf Bard - no longer gives LP per battle. reduces recruit cost by 1 instead.
  • Fixed bug where heroes could show up naked in gear popups in some cases
  • Show +3LP on retirement
  • Increase the cost of wands
  • Decrease warrior XP thresholds
  • Warrior: Engage now has no cooldown, grants +1 armor per engaged foe, added particles
  • Limit free action from water stunt to once per turn
  • Leaving behind gear now grants a crafting resource instead of a legacy point
  • Reduce Weldling armor
  • Added blurbs explaining difficulties
  • Fixed bug where shackle could affect allies
  • Fixed bug with targeting in One False Step
  • Balance monster stats - H.P. Lovecraft monsters don't deal additional damage.
  • Building Stations now cost 1 LP instead of 2
  • Friendship buff no-longer stacks
  • Hurlaxe and Throwing knives now respect cover
  • Can now view current calamities from "Calamities!" popup
  • Fix a bug where Through Shot would grant an extra action via Thornfang
  • 3 New recruit events
  • Tier 3 weapons and Tier 2 armor cost a bit more now
  • Swords now correctly give a small accuracy buff
  • Dueling swords now give +5 stunt chance
  • Added a healing rate indicator to hero portraits, with tooltip explaining factors
  • Secure Site now shows a time estimate when choosing party
  • Fixed a bug where mortal choice sound would keep playing if interrupted to load game
  • Fixed a bug where winning a battle with riposte caused a soft lock
  • Tweaked defense jobs - now give class-oriented speed buffs
  • Fixed a bug where the game would auto-save right before a game over.
  • Game now defaults to windowed mode for new users


Windows Release 918 MB
Version 0.9+89 Cathryn Del Hunt Nov 11, 2019
Linux Release 954 MB
Version 0.9+89 Cathryn Del Hunt Nov 11, 2019
Mac Release 946 MB
Version 0.9+89 Cathryn Del Hunt Nov 11, 2019

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