Patch Notes: 0.8+86 Grifwit Marten

0.8+86 Grifwit Marten

We've got a Halloween update for you, with a couple new ghost (skeleton) stories. Also remember! Today is the last day to get Wildermyth at the discount beta price! We will be taking it off sale tomorrow, and putting it back up at full price ($20) on November 13th!

  • Updated main menu art
  • New main menu option: Tools
    • Now possible to launch editor from main menu
    • Now possible to launch Battles without being in dev mode
  • Can now adjust text size from interface options (make bigger or smaller)
  • Rename Edgar Allen Poe difficulty to H. P. Lovecraft
  • Reworked Story: To Humble Ends
  • New theme - Oldwane Curse (Skeleton)
  • New Story: Dreams and Bones
  • Swapping weapons now always completely free - Deftness is now obsolete!
  • Warrior Abilities:
    •   Centurion becomes Stalwart: +3 armor to self or ally for 2 turns.
    •   Zealous Leap no longer combos with Engage
    •   Shieldshear now shreds two armor as a free action every other turn
    •   Paladin is now a passive that enters guardian whenever you end your turn with a move.
    •   Thundering Challenge - free action once per combat to terrify an enemy, forcing them to flee.
    •   Broadswipes - melee attacks deal Bonus Damage to all other foes within range.
  • Quickfuse now obsolete, removed from ability deck:
    •   Interfuse is now a free action
    •   Interfusion range is reduced from 8 to 6
  • Heroism: now grants 1 action point and attacks don't end the turn that turn.
  • Fire Stunt: now sends up to 3 fireballs at nearby enemies
  • Stone Stunt: now shreds 1 armor from all foes within 2 tiles of target
  • Heroic Death (defend) now properly grants +3 armor for 2 turns.
  • Flame Cone damage now based on level instead of potency
  • Added animation to indicate saving the game
  • Shield text shows up at the right time.
  • Auto-build discovered/ruined stations during intervals (but don't get resources from them)
  • Fixed several small bugs with item tooltips and stat blocks
  • Fixed some lingering tooltips
  • Fix some bugs where resizing could cause botched text
  • Fix misc bugs
  • Add some tutorials for idle heroes
  • WIP on Steam Workshop integration


Windows Release 918 MB
Version 0.8+86 Grifwit Marten Oct 31, 2019
Linux Release 954 MB
Version 0.8+86 Grifwit Marten Oct 31, 2019
Mac Release 946 MB
Version 0.8+86 Grifwit Marten Oct 31, 2019

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