Beta coming to an End Oct 31

Today we announced our release date for Steam Early Access. Our Beta period is coming to an end.

Well, we expect that development is going to continue in much the same way, but hopefully with an even bigger audience. In order to support our Steam launch, we'll be taking Wildermyth off of the metaphorical "shelves" between November 1 and November 13th, when we launch on Steam. At that time, we will put the game back up for sale here on at full price. If you own the game here on itch, you'll be getting a steam key as well, and of course you'll still be able to play and get updates going forward.

This is your last chance to get Wildermyth at the discounted price, before we launch on Steam!

We will continue to support Wildermyth here on, and all future updates will appear at the same time they do on Steam, to the best of our ability. We are so, SO grateful to this community for helping us incubate and grow our little game into something we're really proud of.


-The Wildermyth Team

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