Patch Notes: 0.7+74 Agarantha

0.7+74 Agarantha

  • New Villain!! Enduring War - A five chapter Morthagi story
  • Thrixl Rework
    • Thrusk has 2 small attacks
    • Dweaver can teleport to interfusion, guard
    • Bard can turn a thrusk into a Big Thrusk, gains ranged attack
    • Nightmare splits into two smaller nightmares when hit
    • Scorier can burrow/teleport to disrupt heroes, gains poison
    • Seeker can place a hero in "Stasis" where they can't do anything or take damage
    • (Stasis can be removed by adjacent hero for an action point.)
  • Combined Overland and Combat difficulty levels by default
    • but you can still pick them separately if you want
    • hardest difficulty is now Edgar Allen Poe
  • Now possible to select additional mods when starting a new game.
  • Can now craft offhand items during the interval
    • Adjusted offhand item actions to be free actions
    • Offhand items now removed from hand when used up
  • Heroes can now use 1 free action per turn, subsequent "free" actions cost an action point.
    • There are some exceptions, like "quick swap."
  • Rebalanced Legacy Point and Calamity economy
    • calamities in later chapters now take more than 1 LP to cancel
    • more calamities from time, fewer from fights
    • can cancel an incursion for 5LP
    • regularized removal of calamities during intervals
  • Hit chances no-longer "wobble" on hover
    • ok, this was actually pretty difficult to implement you guys,
    • *and I've been putting it off for literal years.
    • also, some abilities like "fireball" will still wobble, deal.
  • Show villain name in load dialog
  • Hook quest completion now makes the reward more clear
  • Age of Ulstryx
    • added a mechanic to chapter 2 to gain more time by clearing sites
    • tuned chapter sites - should feel less rushed overall now
    • fixed a bug where the seacave mission could get stuck if a hero died
    • fixed a bug where the chapter 2 capstone would stick around in chapter 3
  • Use Blinded instead of Dazzled
  • Update Flare mystic recipe to be more useful
  • Fixed a bug where Bidding The Ghost Goodbye weapon wasn't temporary
  • Added an effect to emphasize new/completed objectives
  • Fixed a bug where hunters coming out of greyplane wouldn't gain walling until they moved
  • Starheart less OP
  • Now possible to give offhand items to heroes who can't currently use them (with warning)
  • Now possible to move all heroes on a tile
  • Various improvements to overland job slot filling
  • Eye patch and scar now persist across legacy
  • Butler won't guard when stunned
  • Fixed a bug with bonelance targeting
  • Improved feedback for several mystic recipes
  • Fixed a bug where wild grasp did not trigger Guardian
  • Fix location of "stunned" particles
  • gorgon eater sash now grants +0.5 health and immunity to gorgon corruption
  • renamed "Destroy" to "Attack Scenery"
  • Bonewall now puts out fires
  • Fixed a bug where The Shape of Thing to Come would cause subsequent mission victories to fail
  • Esc now behaves more consistently in jobs and hook quests
  • Esc now allows to skip tidings and omens
  • fixed a bug that caused lights to diappear randomly
  • Maimed hunters and mystics who have lost an arm now get crossbows and soupspoons
  • ixed Door tooltip to not show entity id
  • Don't break the tooltip if there are more than 7 heroes on a tile.
  • Fix a bug where a 1h axe could get upgraded to a 2h axe.
  • Fixed gear stat comparison when replacing unequipped weapons
  • Thornfang now works properly with non-weapon (theme) melee attacks
  • Added particles, audio, and overlay to make selected/hovered actions more clear
  • Add particles to portrait of selected hero
  • Added "idle" icon on hero portraits in overland when no orders
  • Various additional particles (overland healing, play button...)
  • Fixed a memory leak
  • Don't show abilities that require 2 theme arms if you only have 1
  • when ambushed on a town tile, get a real map, not a square.
  • Improved interfusion feedback *Camera movement improvements
  • Fix a rare bug where the overland map could cause a chapter to be unwinnable 
  • Don't generate lakes next to oceans
  • Updated Story: Spur of a Moment*Lots more little bug fixes
  • Tools: big improvements to Monster Editor
  • Tools: plots know about roster slots, can validate with them
  • Tools: improved New Fight dialog
  • Tools: classLevels.json no-longer controls class ability decks
    • use instead


Mac Release 1 GB
Version 0.7+74 Agarantha Oct 16, 2019
Linux Release 1 GB
Version 0.7+74 Agarantha Oct 16, 2019
Windows Release 1 GB
Version 0.7+74 Agarantha Oct 16, 2019

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