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This has been the most refreshing take on the RPG format i’ve played in years ! Great work, and thanks for this game !

Thanks, glad you like it :-)


Hi: I'm having an issue launching the  game. Any time I run the game, it crashes. The log says "Couldn't load shared library 'gdx64.dll' for target: Windows 10, 64-bit." Reinstalling the game does not seem to help. Is there anything I could do to make it so that the game works again? Thank you for your help!

It used to run but now it doesn't? That's quite strange. When did you last play? Have you tried launching directly and via the itch launcher? Is there a more detailed error message or other logs? You can email logs to wildermyth at gmail and I will take a look.

Okay, thanks! I'll see if I can locate more specific information and then email you all. If I recall correctly, the issue first started when I moved the game to a new folder, though it's been a few months (stopped playing the game and only recently came back to it). Moving the game back to its original location did not fix things. The issue crops up both when trying to launch  directly and when using the itch launcher. 


How not to love theses graphics?

Having an issue where Heroes from a Five-Chapter Campaign cannot be added to my Legacy after the end credits. I click "Done" and nothing happens at all. Is there any way to resolve this?

You can send a report to the devs with f11.

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Game can't launch unfortunately. I bet my McBookPro is too old to get it work (OS10.14.5, 16gRAM, Nvidia GT 650M). What do you think?

Seems like I was eager to press the buy button.



The game requires opengl 3.2, which that graphics card should be able to do. Can you send in your logs (install folder / logs) to our email (wildermyth at gmail) and we'll take a look?


I just bought the game here. I had it in my wishlist on steam, but generally balk at paying full price on a game I don't actually own. Searched for it on a lark, found it here, bought immediately. Thank you for supporting a platform that lets us old folks own games like we're used to.


awesome. We like itch a lot!

Been playing since I bought it, a totally engrossing eight hours or so. I can't believe how much attention to detail there is despite being an early access game. Was blown away when I realized that even equipped jewelry items are rendered on the characters!

Interactions between character abilities in the tactical combats have been interesting and enjoyable. For example, the warrior can use 'raider' to start fires, and the mystic can inhabit those same fires and toss them around the battlefield. It feels like creativity is rewarded and my characters really are stronger together with different abilities than just stacking a 'best' type.

The management aspects are also great. Initially I was annoyed that I couldn't move gear around between characters, but after the first chapter I realized that this design choice was forcing me to focus on the story and the tactical fights, instead of spending time on inventory management and optimization. I don't particularly find fiddling with inventory _fun_, but do it anyway because you get a slight advantage usually. Your decision to stash that away as a single screen between chapters is genius. You protected me from my own worst impulses and kept the focus where your strengths are, and I definitely have enjoyed the game more for it.

Anyway, thanks for making this, and I look forward to seeing where you go with it.

Hahaha inventory management is my bane in party-based rpgs. Bad enough in single-hero rpgs. Definitely a conscious decision to streamline it.

Hello ^^ I just brought your game but the option to claim the steam key doesn't appear. Would it be possible to get one ? Thanks ^^

That's weird let me see about that...

It should be on your download page, it looks like we have plenty of keys uploaded, here are some instructions in case it helps:

Unfortunately the link "claim steam key" just doesn't appear on the download page. If you want I can send you a screenshot if it helps ?

I've uploaded more keys, can you check again?

Nope, still nothing ><


I just want to thank you for letting those of us that bought the game on Itch get a Steam key as well! I just redeemed mine, and I'll leave a positive review asap. I'm so glad I decided to buy this product, keep up the amazing work!

Sometimes the game will essentially freeze saying it needs to do something about the calamaties and I can't do anything.

If it happens again press F11 and send in your logs, we'll take a look. Though, we are on holiday break now so it might be a bit.

Hello there, firstly congrats on this awesome game! Secondly, I might have missed this but where are the steam keys for early adopters on itch? 

Thanks, looking forward to seeing where the game goes!

If you purchased the game, you can request a key from your download page. If it's not there, contact us directly and we'll sort it out.

I was asking me for the same. If you know how to request the Steam Key, please, share your Knowledge. :) 

(See: )


Quick question. May I trade in my unused Steam-Key, for a GoG-Key when the game gets released on that platfrom? If not. No worries, I'll happily buy it again.

On a side note. Will the game have more Character creation options at full release? Such as female/male body types, we can already change the faces, why not body too?


That's a long ways away, but if you contact us again when we're on GoG we may be able to help.
Changing body types, pronouns, attraction - we'll probably do at least some of this.

Thanks for the link. It's Done :)





We are working on more and better "bosses." Right now we have pretty good ones for Gorgons and Morthagi, but the other monster groups don't have them yet, and particularly the "procedural" three and five chapter campaigns don't have satisfying bosses at the chapter or overall level. We'll be working on it!

Show post...

Looks good...I'll check it out when I have time!


The game is amazing. I love the graphics and the focus on the story. I highly recommend it. :)

Below is a first episode of my let's play if anyone is curious about the gameplay of the game. 

Thanks! And thanks for posting the video!


Let me just say I loooove this game. Some things I would love to see in the future:

-The ability to interfuse with doors and open them from afar. 

-Expanded relationships? I've heard people say that they'd like family trees to be a thing, which I 100% agree with, especially since legacies are such a central aspect of the game. Characters have no special reaction to losing a child, sibling, or parent, which is disappointing. (Somewhat related: I once had a father/son pair, Jaymor and Jaymnock. Jaymor died. Later, I got the "character's mother" event, and his mother is all like, "Things have been rough with your father..." and I'm like, no shit, he's dead. Meanwhile Jaymnock ends up looking like a petulant turd who can't abide his mother moving on in any fashion. Oof.) I'm sure this would probably be a pain to program, but it'd be neat if the game kept track of certain things so that events did not contradict with backstories or previous events. Like a hidden stat that just said "orphan" or "father is dead" and would disable any events for that character that wouldn't make sense.

-Dynamic relationships? I only seem to notice relationships moving in a linear direction, like crony -> bloodbond. What if there was an event that ruined a burgeoning friendship, turning it into a rivalry? Or a strong friendship that decays into a business acquaintance as characters grow apart? Particularly during the peaceful years, it would make sense for these kind of developments to happen.

-Marriage events.

-Recurring NPCs.

That's pretty much all I have to say for now. Thanks for the great game!

Thank you so much! Yeah, expanding relationships is something we'd love to do at some point. The system we have now is pretty basic. Marriage, kids, all that stuff needs proper treatment. Recurring NPCs -> Our Villains work starts to speak to this, see recent dev blog. interfusing doors: maybe, once enemies can open them too!

I plan on gifting  your game to one of my friend as well as buying a copy for myself; Is the "Extra Copy of the Game, Folk Hero" contain two download keys or do i have to buy two standard copy of the game?

Extra Copy is what you want - I will email you the extra key as soon as I see the purchase (it is a manual process, but usually fast)

I just purchased it, thank you!

Is the "something in the woods is very strange" song available for download at all? i love it!

If the song IS available, would it be okay to use 20-40 seconds of it for the endcard of youtube videos about Wildermyth? reccorded some episodes last night, and the music i usually use wouldn't really fit with it.


Yeah, it's on Soundcloud here: and is fine to use a clip of it, I'm not sure if  it's downloadable, you can ask candycomposer on our discord about it.

i'll be sure to ask them then. thank you!


Do you have any plans to make it free or atleast have a small time window  for everyone to play it? 

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Not right now, sorry.


any update on when its coming to mac?

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Looks like we'll do one more bugfix patch, this week hopefully, and then start working on infrastructure issues like mac/linux, so, that puts it probably three or so weeks out. Sorry it's taking so long.

Got this because sheepdog samurai. great introduction to the game and glad to have seen it on youtube. Those that know, know. 


If anyone is interested - game runs on Linux under Wine perfectly.

Even more, it runs natively, albeit without sound due to not having Linux libraries in FMOD.

What interesting is that fmod-jni.jar seems to be build with Mac libraries. So if someone have Mac Book on hands you may try run this game on it. (!!!No guaranties as I have no idea how Mac works with OpenGL!!!).

Games seems like a lot of fun (around 2 hours in) and in very good shape for a beta. All minor problems already outlined in comments below. (Especially agreed on high variability in mystic usefulness)

Hey, that's awesome that it works in Wine!
The game has been working on mac internally for a while, and we plan to support mac and linux soon. Glad you're having a good time!


Heya. I finally got the game yesterday morning. Straight away: brilliant job, I love the art style and storybook character of it all. I also spent way too many hours on it right off the bat. Since this is a beta I wanted to share some first observations I made along the way and question that formed for me:

- Transformations. As far as I could tell the only one that seemed to have an impact other than visuals so far was the fire-touched. Turned my archer right into an epic sneak thief with fireballs. Not everything necessarily has to be so drastic, obviously, but is it planned for crow-touched and so on to have some effects (maybe just a stat boost or something) as well? 

- Family relations & bosses have already been mentioned by others, so I'll just include them to second that. Could generally use a bit more work. I ran into the "mother in the party, but meeting the random mother" event just as a poster below. It was quite funny.

- Related to that, how about a way to *remove* members from the party permanently? Either by rejecting them or sending older ones off to early retirement. A "send away / home" button of sorts. Right now, things get very cluttered in chapter 4 & 5. If I'm only really using my "main 5", personally, I'd like a way to send off most others (other than getting them killed on purpose, which so far seems to be the only way to do it).

- Going with that: I'm not sure what I think of "child of hero X" that joins the party having a set class. It always seems to be one I *don't* need at that moment, like that 3rd mystic no one asked for. Then again, this has forced me to play some unusual party combinations I wouldn't have tried otherwise - which might be the intention? I can definitely live with it if that's the case, but I also see the potential for it to be an annoyance for someone less flexible or creative with builds. Not everyone will think just to stick a bow and that 3rd mystic. A compromise could be a special event or place where someone can be re-trained into another class. Stick a hefty LP cost on it (will probably reset their level as well, because of the abilities) so players would still be highly encouraged to instead make do with what they have, but the possibility would be there. Just an idea off the top of my head.

- Mystics. They can be brilliant - and then there are those 5 battles in a row, where all that's around is stone and "calcify". It's not a problem, just an observation of (probably) bad RNG luck. I've gone to sticking a bow on all my mystics in case. Maybe this situation could be helped by rethinking the spells available a bit. Like a "minor stone throw" added next to calcify, something on plants.. just so they can stick to their role and still be useful, even if it's just shredding armour or a crowd control ability like "shackle" for example ("entangle" on plants, say). Nothing that effects the balance too much, obviously. Just something for them to do within their class abilities.

- Glitches: I only came across a single one through the 2 campaigns I've played so far. In the story panel where your character becomes flame-touched. There's story, then the battle for that tile, and after that more story. In the one after the fight, another party member commented on my flame-touched character and "if we're just going to ignore this" - except they weren't actually talking to my flame-touched as intended. The panel showed another character (one that became infected with the green-stuff.. elm-touched? way earlier), and that elm-touched one responded as if they were the flame-touched person. An obvious mix-up. 

Bit of a textwall, but hopefully helpful as well. Away from these, I really don't have anything to say for now other than I'm having a great time playing. I'll check back with feedback if I notice something else though. :)


Thanks for this, good feedback!

* Yeah, transformations, we do want those to be game changers. We'll work on making them more flavorful.
* family and bosses definitely.
* removing members - interesting, I like the idea of early retirement that gives you campaign-level bonuses, like, "go found a new town" or "set up a dojo" or something like that.
* more control over children - that makes sense, but feels less urgent than some of the other priorities... Something we'd want to get around to eventually though
* mystics - yeah... some mystic abilities (ignite, arches) try to solve this, but I hear what you're saying... I wonder if Calcify could give +physical damage instead of +warding, which is sortof garbage on mystics anyway..... weird thought.... then your mystic could shift to being a melee beast in the right circumstances...
* field of fire bug - we are tracking that one, should have a fix in next patch. Bugfixes will always be high priority.

Glad you're enjoying the game!

I'm definitely looking forward to that, the transformation idea is really cool. Rest sounds good as well. I like the idea for both early retirement and the mystic (as long as it's still balanced, obviously). The children really aren't much of a priority, just something I noticed.

Just keep up the good work. :)

Are there any plans for a Mobile release? This looks like it'd be something fun to play on my Android phone.


Hm not planned currently, but also not out of the realm of possibility. It would be a lot of work to adapt our interface to be mobile friendly, but/and maybe we could make some simplifactions also. If we are successful, we'll strongly consider it.


The characters in this game are so fun to create and I've even chiseled out a core team I like to use I've got a crow-winged rogue with a crystal eye, a mystic with an elm soul and a wolf-faced warrior. The augmentations which physical change the characters are maybe my favorite thing about this game.


Im loving this game, im glad i found you guys. :D

Awesome, we're glad too!

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Will there ever be headgear in the game?
And, could we get a family tree/dynasty system eventually? I know our heroes can already have children, but i'd love to see more detailed families, and two heroes having a child together. Love the game, keep up the great work!

Hats - they're a bit complicated, but probably not impossible. We've talked it over a few times but it's just never been our main priority yet. More detailed families sounds super fun.
Folk Heroes on our discord can vote on dev priorities, so, if it's what the council wants (and we think it will make the game better), we'll build it.

will this game be available for mac

Yes! We hope to have that out in a few weeks or so, and Linux too (unless we hit some unforseen problems).


Okay PERFECT because i got this game without realizing because of how badly i wanted to play a game like what i saw from SplatterCat's video on it.


Words cannot express the joy I get from playing this game.  And to think it's not the full release yet. 

Love your fire chicken! Thanks for playing! We're really excited to keep piling on the content.


So ive played through the intro chapters and I have to say it was absolutely brilliant the characters, 6 by the end ( i was lucky didn't lose anyone on J K Rowling diff. level)  where actually really cool, memorable and now theyre added to my legacy. Awesome job guys :D

100 years of peace, which is all any Hero can ask really...

Awesome, glad you enjoyed it!

So i'm unsure how to unlock the final mission for the chapter.  I've cleared all the current tiles and whatnot and it says that I haven't unlocked the final assault.  It might be due to a save and loading issue, but I'm unsure about it.  I am unsure if this is supposed to be a game feature or it is a possible minor issue the game might have.  I'd like to see if it could be fixed if it is an issue.

Other than that, the game is quite fun to play.  Thanks.

Definitely sounds like a bug, press F11 to bring up the feedback tool,  and maybe include the save game (there should be a checkbox for this) in the report, and I'll take a look and get back to you. (If you don't see a checkbox for that, then you're not on the latest version, you can check for updates in the itch app or download the latest (as of this morning). )

Thanks, I will take a look at this and get back to you tomorrow!

Ok, I think I see what happened, it's a bug that I think was caused by certain stories (sweltering stars or gone ox?) creating a site as an outcome, where the site is outside the current map. This was left over from way back, before we switched to a tile-based overland map. Those events need to be changed, and we'll also add some code to detect and fix these issues in save games, like yours. That will be in the next patch, which is probably sometime next week.

Also I noticed a couple crash logs, those are graphics related. Updating to the latest graphics drivers from the manufacturer might resolve them.

Thank you for reporting this!


Cannot wait for the full release!

The game is already so enjoyable ^^

Thanks!! It's great to finally be sharing our work, looking forward to much more!

Just finished the tutorial campaign and checked online to find a new update? Sweet, from my experience I haven't personally noticed any crashes. My only peeve happened to be the story bits. During the in-between time of a chapter the "daughter" of one of my original heroes joins my party. Only the game doesn't seem to recognize the family bond? No mention of their connection appears in the relationship tab, and an event occurred wherein the daughter meets her "mother" at the pub. Not the heroic mother but an off-brand rng character it would seem. Breaks immersion but for sanity's sake, I'll just pretend she is adopted. There is no mention of her mother's heroic deeds in the daughter's history anyway. (That and the mother happened to be infatuated with another female hero.) Continuing on the vulture queen was an interesting event, I am not sure how my character became cursed but I loved this short tidbit of story. The disappointing thing would be how she is never mentioned again, would be interesting if later down the line the game expands on boss characters or villain like enemies that could.. reoccur per se. Like legacy heroes. Fighting the Arch-Gorgon was a little underwhelming. Enemies don't seem all that different except in health-pools, damage, and sheer numbers. (Two giant corrupted bears were less of a hassle than a swarm of the corrupted dear beast. I can slay two bears easy towards the end of the game, but the fear of a character being surrounded with a lack of action points to protect their self was more frightening.) I also noticed that some tidbits of information like abilities were presented well clearly out of game context. An example would be: ThisAbility45.ex or something of the short, but I am sure that is something you are working on as it is beta. One last mention would be the Scratchpad, you can be sure I noticed that it looks almost the same as you presented in a blog post once before. A shame really so maybe a tutorial via youtube or something of the sorts so we could better understand custom content. The idea is lovely and a better UI or explanation of the scratchpad for user made events would make this game fantastic. 

PS: If you haven't seen already but a YouTuber by the name of nookrium has made a video or two on your game. Might be something worth checking out if your interested on a player's experience. 


Thanks for the feedback! Yeah family relationships are not all they can be right now, I think we can definitely improve that. Boss monsters also need some design love. We will get to it pretty soon I hope. Scratchpad, and tools in general - if you're interested, there is a section on the wiki about how to use it, but yeah it is pretty.... complex... right now. I'd love to make it into more of a tool that anyone can use, I think it'd be really fun to see all the stories people make. Right now our focus is on bugs and quality of life issues, but we'll start thinking about the next big features soon, and if people are excited about tools, then that's what we'll do! Specifically, in our discord, council members will be able to vote on our next big development priority. I'll have a poll up in a few days if/when things settle down a bit on the bugs front.

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Update came out and I got back on but its still crashing quite a bit. I was able to get past this one battle that just killed the game every time though so that's a plus! Finished the chapter and I've got my legacy going! Really excited to keep going just hope the crashes get even less frequent. I've not gotten far enough to see if this is a thing but I know we're able to rename our weapons and give it a description but it's disheartening to think that at the end of the game it is all deleted. If there was a way to make it so our new characters could randomly find old gear that'd be cool. You could make this legendary blade that had slayed various enemies which was used by several great heroes in the history of this place.

Yeah, legacy weapons would be cool! We want to do that at some point, for sure. I'll take a look and see if I can get anywhere with your crashes, I'll let you know what I find.

Hi I love the game but am also getting constant crashes which means I can no longer progress.  Look forward to taking another shot at it when the issues are resolved.

Can you zip up your logs and send them to wildermyth at gmail dot com? Sorry about all this :-(


Hi sure thing, I've sent them. It's no problem, it's beta, bound to be some teething problems. Especially when it's a small dev team etc.  The game looks fantastic from what I've played, I'm sure it's going to be a great success.  

Yeah, I keep getting crashes as well. It started when I finished the tutorial and now it crashes when I try to load back into it, or begin a new group. I can send you the logs. It looks amazing though, and what I did play was really incredible. Happy to pay for it and be a part of the process!

Yeah please do send me the logs and I'll take a look, sorry about that!


Send them to wildermyth at gmail dot com

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I had just gotten my third character going when the game blacked out on me! I'm so upset I can't get it to go again! What I did play though was great I was completely in the game I didn't even realize I was late for my class...


Oh no! you can zip up your logs folder and send it me, I'll try to get it fixed. We should have a patch coming in a few days or so.

Send them to wildermyth at gmail dot com

I went ahead and got the files ready just wanted to be sure I actually contacted you before I sent your files to someone by accident, it wouldn't be the first time I've done that.


The immersion factor of this game is amazing! As a writer I've been waiting for a game like this for a LONG time. It's awesome so far and I only have two hours involved.

Glad you like it!


will we be able to add this to our steam library when beta is over?

Yes, we will get that hooked up one of these months!

Awesome! Keep up the good work!

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Really enjoying the beta, keep it up!




Grid based? Turn based? Cool art style! Love it. Simultaneous turns where all player characters go then all enemies go? Hate it. :(


Bummer. I guess the combat structure's not for everyone. If you can push through, I'd love to hear your other feedback! If you're just not having fun I'll be happy to refund you.

Awesome attitude!

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