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Yeah, I keep getting crashes as well. It started when I finished the tutorial and now it crashes when I try to load back into it, or begin a new group. I can send you the logs. It looks amazing though, and what I did play was really incredible. Happy to pay for it and be a part of the process!

Yeah please do send me the logs and I'll take a look, sorry about that!


Send them to wildermyth at gmail dot com

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I had just gotten my third character going when the game blacked out on me! I'm so upset I can't get it to go again! What I did play though was great I was completely in the game I didn't even realize I was late for my class...


Oh no! you can zip up your logs folder and send it me, I'll try to get it fixed. We should have a patch coming in a few days or so.

Send them to wildermyth at gmail dot com

I went ahead and got the files ready just wanted to be sure I actually contacted you before I sent your files to someone by accident, it wouldn't be the first time I've done that.


The immersion factor of this game is amazing! As a writer I've been waiting for a game like this for a LONG time. It's awesome so far and I only have two hours involved.

Glad you like it!


will we be able to add this to our steam library when beta is over?

Yes, we will get that hooked up one of these months!

Awesome! Keep up the good work!

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Really enjoying the beta, keep it up!




Grid based? Turn based? Cool art style! Love it. Simultaneous turns where all player characters go then all enemies go? Hate it. :(


Bummer. I guess the combat structure's not for everyone. If you can push through, I'd love to hear your other feedback! If you're just not having fun I'll be happy to refund you.

Awesome attitude!

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