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So i'm unsure how to unlock the final mission for the chapter.  I've cleared all the current tiles and whatnot and it says that I haven't unlocked the final assault.  It might be due to a save and loading issue, but I'm unsure about it.  I am unsure if this is supposed to be a game feature or it is a possible minor issue the game might have.  I'd like to see if it could be fixed if it is an issue.

Other than that, the game is quite fun to play.  Thanks.

Definitely sounds like a bug, press F11 to bring up the feedback tool,  and maybe include the save game (there should be a checkbox for this) in the report, and I'll take a look and get back to you. (If you don't see a checkbox for that, then you're not on the latest version, you can check for updates in the itch app or download the latest (as of this morning). )

Thanks, I will take a look at this and get back to you tomorrow!

Ok, I think I see what happened, it's a bug that I think was caused by certain stories (sweltering stars or gone ox?) creating a site as an outcome, where the site is outside the current map. This was left over from way back, before we switched to a tile-based overland map. Those events need to be changed, and we'll also add some code to detect and fix these issues in save games, like yours. That will be in the next patch, which is probably sometime next week.

Also I noticed a couple crash logs, those are graphics related. Updating to the latest graphics drivers from the manufacturer might resolve them.

Thank you for reporting this!


Cannot wait for the full release!

The game is already so enjoyable ^^

Thanks!! It's great to finally be sharing our work, looking forward to much more!

Just finished the tutorial campaign and checked online to find a new update? Sweet, from my experience I haven't personally noticed any crashes. My only peeve happened to be the story bits. During the in-between time of a chapter the "daughter" of one of my original heroes joins my party. Only the game doesn't seem to recognize the family bond? No mention of their connection appears in the relationship tab, and an event occurred wherein the daughter meets her "mother" at the pub. Not the heroic mother but an off-brand rng character it would seem. Breaks immersion but for sanity's sake, I'll just pretend she is adopted. There is no mention of her mother's heroic deeds in the daughter's history anyway. (That and the mother happened to be infatuated with another female hero.) Continuing on the vulture queen was an interesting event, I am not sure how my character became cursed but I loved this short tidbit of story. The disappointing thing would be how she is never mentioned again, would be interesting if later down the line the game expands on boss characters or villain like enemies that could.. reoccur per se. Like legacy heroes. Fighting the Arch-Gorgon was a little underwhelming. Enemies don't seem all that different except in health-pools, damage, and sheer numbers. (Two giant corrupted bears were less of a hassle than a swarm of the corrupted dear beast. I can slay two bears easy towards the end of the game, but the fear of a character being surrounded with a lack of action points to protect their self was more frightening.) I also noticed that some tidbits of information like abilities were presented well clearly out of game context. An example would be: ThisAbility45.ex or something of the short, but I am sure that is something you are working on as it is beta. One last mention would be the Scratchpad, you can be sure I noticed that it looks almost the same as you presented in a blog post once before. A shame really so maybe a tutorial via youtube or something of the sorts so we could better understand custom content. The idea is lovely and a better UI or explanation of the scratchpad for user made events would make this game fantastic. 

PS: If you haven't seen already but a YouTuber by the name of nookrium has made a video or two on your game. Might be something worth checking out if your interested on a player's experience. 


Thanks for the feedback! Yeah family relationships are not all they can be right now, I think we can definitely improve that. Boss monsters also need some design love. We will get to it pretty soon I hope. Scratchpad, and tools in general - if you're interested, there is a section on the wiki about how to use it, but yeah it is pretty.... complex... right now. I'd love to make it into more of a tool that anyone can use, I think it'd be really fun to see all the stories people make. Right now our focus is on bugs and quality of life issues, but we'll start thinking about the next big features soon, and if people are excited about tools, then that's what we'll do! Specifically, in our discord, council members will be able to vote on our next big development priority. I'll have a poll up in a few days if/when things settle down a bit on the bugs front.

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Update came out and I got back on but its still crashing quite a bit. I was able to get past this one battle that just killed the game every time though so that's a plus! Finished the chapter and I've got my legacy going! Really excited to keep going just hope the crashes get even less frequent. I've not gotten far enough to see if this is a thing but I know we're able to rename our weapons and give it a description but it's disheartening to think that at the end of the game it is all deleted. If there was a way to make it so our new characters could randomly find old gear that'd be cool. You could make this legendary blade that had slayed various enemies which was used by several great heroes in the history of this place.

Yeah, legacy weapons would be cool! We want to do that at some point, for sure. I'll take a look and see if I can get anywhere with your crashes, I'll let you know what I find.

Hi I love the game but am also getting constant crashes which means I can no longer progress.  Look forward to taking another shot at it when the issues are resolved.

Can you zip up your logs and send them to wildermyth at gmail dot com? Sorry about all this :-(


Hi sure thing, I've sent them. It's no problem, it's beta, bound to be some teething problems. Especially when it's a small dev team etc.  The game looks fantastic from what I've played, I'm sure it's going to be a great success.  

Yeah, I keep getting crashes as well. It started when I finished the tutorial and now it crashes when I try to load back into it, or begin a new group. I can send you the logs. It looks amazing though, and what I did play was really incredible. Happy to pay for it and be a part of the process!

Yeah please do send me the logs and I'll take a look, sorry about that!


Send them to wildermyth at gmail dot com

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I had just gotten my third character going when the game blacked out on me! I'm so upset I can't get it to go again! What I did play though was great I was completely in the game I didn't even realize I was late for my class...


Oh no! you can zip up your logs folder and send it me, I'll try to get it fixed. We should have a patch coming in a few days or so.

Send them to wildermyth at gmail dot com

I went ahead and got the files ready just wanted to be sure I actually contacted you before I sent your files to someone by accident, it wouldn't be the first time I've done that.


The immersion factor of this game is amazing! As a writer I've been waiting for a game like this for a LONG time. It's awesome so far and I only have two hours involved.

Glad you like it!


will we be able to add this to our steam library when beta is over?

Yes, we will get that hooked up one of these months!

Awesome! Keep up the good work!

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Really enjoying the beta, keep it up!




Grid based? Turn based? Cool art style! Love it. Simultaneous turns where all player characters go then all enemies go? Hate it. :(


Bummer. I guess the combat structure's not for everyone. If you can push through, I'd love to hear your other feedback! If you're just not having fun I'll be happy to refund you.

Awesome attitude!

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